I’m hearing it all around the place lately.

So many gorgeous souls, stepping up to make their dreams happen.

Just starting up + or growing their businesses to help them take their creative and soulful gifts out into the world to help the people they are supposed to help.

You’re stepping up, and being brave, and pushing, and learning, and yearning.

And you might be feeling about 100% overwhelmed.

You might have no idea how on earth to make the leap from where you are right now to where you want to be.

Three Tips To Help You De-Freak Out + Just Get Back On Your Path

1.) Get your important shit done.

Handy secret: You’re not going to get it all done.

True story.

I remember the first couple of days after my daughter was born.

I realised with paralysing clarity:

I was never going to be on top of everything again.

Never again would my inbox be zen AND my washing done AND my to do list cleared.

In the years that have followed since then, I’ve realised this sacred truth:

I didn’t need to be on top of everything. Not everything needed doing.

I have never – ever – worked “full time” hours in my business.

Before Baby, I also had a day job as editor of the Australian Government business website www.business.gov.au.

After Baby? There was a baby.

So I’ve crafted a business that worked around my life.

One that is shockingly productive + wildly profitable.

I am the CEO of a multiple six figure company that doubles in size every year.

And I only work a couple of hours a day.

You do NOT need all the time in the world.

You do NOT need to do everything.

Here’s what you DO need to do:

Implement, implement, implement.

Cross off everything off your list that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Make your actions align with your intention, and get your important shit done.

Bonus tip: A really supportive, wonderful team can support you and MULTIPLY your efforts–while saving you heaps of time & stress!!

2.) Everytime you FTFO (Freak The Fark Out), remember the ancient rule.

Do One Thing At A Time.

Ancient Overwhelm Secret so much to heal & work out

3.) Be powered by faith, courage, grace + self-kindness.

Work your tushy off, then take a bath, snog the ones you love, read a trashy 1800s Victorian romance novel + get to bed early. Give yourself a giant cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to yourself about how amazing you are and how totally proud you are of yourself. You GOTTA become your own cheerleader, girl. Be your own bestie.

It’s something you get to choose every moment of every day… to choose joy, to choose total adoration for yourself, to choose being your own biggest shining light.

You are doing the big work… so much huge internal work + outer transformation is happening in your world + all around the world.

It’s all going to be okay. In fact, it’s gonna be goshdarn RADIANT.


love + gentleness + belief to you all