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Current view in front of workbooks

Holy dooley, darlinghearts,

another day, another thrilling update.

Quick Recap:

  • All digital workbooks are NOT affected by any issues – you should get your download immediately. If you have any issues, please email support@leoniedawson.com
  • Aus + UK (+ surrounding countries) are NOT affected by any issues with sending out printed workbooks and have been going great guns. If you’ve placed an order in these countries + haven’t received it, please fill out this form so we can check on your order for you.
  • US (+ Canada + South America) were delayed with Customs holding up our package. We then ran into a HUGE amount of issues with our mailing house not delivering on their service promises on many levels. We are considering legal action. I hate that their inefficiency has affected YOU and your experience of the books.
  • Having said that, 90% of all US (+ Canada + South America) orders HAVE been shipped (and are in the mail to you if you haven’t received already.) If you haven’t received your book, please fill out this form so we can check your double-triple-check that your order has gone through.
  • ALL printed book orderers have been gifted digital workbooks as a thank you for putting up with these growing pains.

Here’s where we are at today:

  • One of our incredible team – Aaron and his wife – have done the most heroic, thoughtful thing in the world, and volunteered to drive across the US (from East Coast to West, basically) from their home on the east coast to rescue our books from Crappy Mailing House in Colorado and delivering them to a new, larger mailing house in Las Vegas that comes highly recommended + can promise faster delivery.
  • They are doing this because they can do it faster than any transport company we could hire so we could get books being sent out to you as fast as possible.
  • This morning they did Rescue The Books From The No Good Very Bad Mailing House. To say it was a nail-biting experience would be fair. No Good Very Bad Mailing House held our books for ransom (I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING) and were 100% bloody awful to deal with. Anyways, I paid the ransom, and considered it a worthy investment to get these babies out of their crappy hands and into hands of a mailing house who gets (like we do) that your orders are sacred acts of trust, one that we are committed to and want to make as beautiful an experience as possible.
  • Anyways: Books are RESCUED + OUTTA THERE anyway! I think my whole team shrieked with joy outloud when the news broke. Needless to say, we won’t ever be using them again. EVER. Next year, this process is going to go SO MUCH EASIER + BETTER + FASTER!!!!

And here’s the next hilariously infuriating challenge:

  • They have to get the books from Colorado to Las Vegas now. Anddddd here comes the next hilarious challenge to overcome — there is severe snowstorms between Colorado to Las Vegas making that transit line difficult!
  • Photo above is the view from today in front of the books.
  • The Book Rescue Mission Truck is now headed down through New Mexico to try and get into better weather.
Screenshot 2014-12-30 18.32.08
  • Map is planned route for tomorrow once the sun rises.
  • We are hoping, hoping, hoping that snowstorms stay out of the way to get these babies delivered into Las Vegas. Please cross your fingers for us! What a bloody epic journey hey!
  • We are hoping our wonderful, new, does-what-it-says-its-going-to-do mailing house will be sending out your workbooks by Thursday 1 January at the latest.

Chris says

“This is like Santa Watch 2014! But with Workbooks!”

Again I have to say: I am so bloody sorry to all our US/Canada/South America customers for the tremendous upheaval + delays. We are doing everything we can to get these workbooks to you as quickly as possible.

Please know that the vast majority of US books HAVE been sent out.

If you ordered before December 16, your book should be with you, or still in transit. All orders after then will be shipped by wonderful new shipping house once books have arrived.

Please also know that my team are responding to all your emails and messages as quickly as we can.

We usually have a 24 hour turnaround on emails Mon-Fri US time, but it could be up to 72 hours. We have extra staff on, and we’re doing everything we can to respond to you as quickly and lovingly as we can.

Thank you very much to Joyce, Erin, Amber, Grant and Aaron for being the most amazing, supportive team ever during this. They’ve truly gone above and beyond.

I wish this process had been a million times easier and faster.

This is DEFINITELY the growing pains of creating our own publishing company so we could deliver a better product to you. I know whole-of-heart that next year this will be a much better process. Actually… from 1 January it will be once the books are rehomed at Brilliant Mailing House.

Thank you for bearing with us.

We’re doing absolutely everything we can to get these books to you as fast as we can. The lovely, lovely emails we’ve been getting from people who are getting the turquoise miracles appearing in their mailboxes is that they are worth the wait.

Leonie (and Chris, and the rest of Team Dawson)

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