Self portrait with self portrait, today.

I love the photo above ~ just because without knowing it,

I included in the background

a painting I am working on.

And I sorta look like it, funnily enough. 😉


It has been a good day.

Filled with libraries and books and a new colour printer,

talking with my family on the phone,

surprise emails from new friends

and my first ever REVIEW!

I’m so intoxicated by the whole experience ~

of people knowing me before I know them,

and having people love what I am doing.

Often it comes at times when I am second~guessing myself,

unable to write another page incase it’s “crap”

… so these little messages from readers are gifts from the universe.

I greet the gifts with kisses, and tears, and a soft embrace.

We must do those things that make us fearful, musn’t we?

I fear that my first book won’t be outstanding…

but, if I don’t write it, how will I ever know?

Funny isn’t it?

I want to fly, so I must take the leap.