Hi dearests,

A couple of months ago, I was at the birthday party of a dear friend from school, and I met another of her wonderful friends (she seriously chooses such good people in her life!)

Anyways, I met the lovely Janelle from UN Women National Committee of Australia. I was super excited of course – we are proud supporters of UNICEF and their global parents initiative… and I love hearing about how these organisations are changing the world.

Janelle told me about her latest project and I knew I had to be involved… she told me about how 90% (fucking 90% !!!!!!!) of women are physically or sexually assaulted on public transport in Papau New Guinea.

Incase you don’t know about PNG – it is a beautiful place filled with the most gorgeous people. It also struggles profoundly with poverty, lawlessness and incredibly poor health conditions. It also has some of the worst maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. Papua New Guinea is often labelled as potentially the worst place in the world for gender violence.

To which I say to all of this: FUCK THAT.

I’m grateful that UN Women thought the same thing.


And this is what they did:

Some time ago, they created a “Meri Seif” bus service. They made a travelling safe space for women to get to work so they could support their families or get groceries or receive an education without being robbed, raped or assaulted. They’ve been able to help over 75,000 women and children travel safely in Port Moresby… stopping tens of thousands of potential assaults… and allowing them to live safely.

To which I say: Hoorah for that!

Unfortunately the buses now are on their last legs and they need to purchase a new one to continue the service… so they are crowdfunding a new safe bus.

I’m delighted to announce we’ve just donated $1,000.

Ai26April Joyful gift

I would love love LOVE to have you join me on this.

I know there is SO MUCH crazy going on in the world right now.

And more than ever, it means we need to step up and be the light, put our money where our mouth is and help those who need it most.

There’s 40 days left to crowdfund this bus… let’s do it my loves!

Every little bit counts… you might not be able to give in large amounts… but each dollar means another woman and child is safe. Which is just how it should be.

In loving action,


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