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Holy dooley, last week was…. innnntense! And exciting! The launch of the 2017 workbooks, here at last!

I spent the weekend lolling about on deck chairs in the sunshine of our backyard, drinking beer while my kids bounced themselves delirious on their new trampoline. I needed some solid LBW (Lazy Bastard Weekend-ing) to recover from the midnight madnesses of launching.

So! I’m back! With the latest shipping news!

Where are the workbooks at?

When can you expect to receive them?

Q: OMFG why are new orders arriving before my new pre-order?

A: For all countries: Pre-orders and Academy member books are being sent before any new orders.

Before you send cranky emails because you see non-pre-orders arriving before yours… I have three things to say:

1. Confucius once said: “Undo the calamity that is your mammaries”


2. They are getting them earlier simply because of geography. Pre-orders ARE being sent before new orders.

3. Getting them first is not the big bonus of pre-ordering. Remember you saved a HUGE amount on the price of the books and got FREE shipping which no one else is getting – you saved at least $50 there. AND you scored a highly coveted To Do List pad – which will be running out pretty dang soon. And we are sending you first – we just can’t change how the world is shaped. SOMEBODY MAKE A TELEPORTATION DEVICE STAT.

Which countries are shipping?

USA + AUS: All orders are being sent now and are arriving with people now!


UK: Once again, UK Customs has taken waaaay longer than we expected. Books arrive 23 November into our distribution house and will start being sent out then!

All other countries: Your packages are sent from your closest distribution centre and will be sent out on the same timing as them. Of course, they may take a little longer to arrive to you depending on distance (GEOGRAPHY AGAIN!), mail services & Customs.


When can I buy??????

Now now now now now!


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Big love,

Love Leonie With Workbooks