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Hola gorgeous souls,

A couple of months back, I announced the school a few of me and my friends chipped in to pay for with Pencils of Promise.

I couldn’t be happier (or tearier) to present to you a report + photos of the impact we had on this school in Ghana.


We were inspired to donate through Pencils of Promise after reading the founder Adam’s bio… what a beautiful read!

Here’s the report in of what we were able to achieve!

The before…

Prior to the school being built:

  • Students did not have access to formal classrooms. Instead, they were taught in deteriorating provisional structures made of mud, thatch and corrugated metal.
  • The structures lacked formal windows and walls between rooms. As a result, noise from adjacent classes and the surrounding environment made it difficult for students to focus and concentrate while in class.
  • The open-air layout allowed insects to move freely through the facility, disturbing students as they were learning.
  • When it rained, water seeped into the ground, causing puddles to form and muddying the classroom floor.

The after…

Here’s what we accomplished…

  • Building and fitout of new classes
  • New ceiling fans, blackboards, benches, desks in the classrooms
  • New doors, walls and windows
  • 173 students have been impacted by this project
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It’s because of your workbook purchases and Academy memberships that we can do magical things like this. So thank you… thank you for choosing a company that is committed to changing the world.

Big love + gratitude,

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