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Hola babes,

If you know me IRL, you’ll know I talk about sex a LOT… TMI. It’s just how I tend to do all things in life.. I’ll talk about it all… sex, money, mental health, death, politics… it’s a Scorpio thang I reckon!

And although I’ve shared about many of those things online… I haven’t really talked about sex yet.

But it’s time.

It’s time to talk honestly + frankly about sex, pleasure + relationships!

This workshop will teach you:

  • how to increase your libido
  • how to communicate about sex without freaking out, getting embarrassed or upset
  • A panoply of orgasmic options
  • Practical tips – awwwww yiss! and
  • Toys, goodies & resources to dive deeper in

Whether you’re partnered or solo, make time for your own sweet self and find out how to let your inner goddess out!

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Huge love + appreciation,

Canberra Photographer


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