Hey babesicles,

Here is my latest scrapbook, straight into your hot little hands! It’s a been a fortnight of sex, sunshine and sweet dreams!


This is how we roll in the Dawson household.

We’re watched over by magical unicorns and everyday’s style statement: Superman pyjamas & odd socks



I unveiled our new and very LIVE (!!!) Everyday Sex Goddess Course in the Academy.

It was raw, revealing and we all ended up having peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.


Thanks to all Academy goddesses for joining me on. SUCH FUN!!!!


I received a life saving package from Naughty Naturopath Mum. Tantrum tamer & sleep inducer… can I please buy these in gallons from now on???????????


Awwwwwww yisssssssssss.

Another package delivered… a lap-sized weighted blanket from Calming Moments. I have a full size one I use when laying on the couch watching TV but it’s too heavy to lug about from room to room each day. This one is for my office to use when I’m at my desk or working on my office armchair.

I started using a weighted blanket this year and it is definitely my best discovery for the year. I feel instantly calmer, more relaxed and grounded when I put it over me. It slows down my brain in a really beautiful, soothing way. I also use them when I’m overstimulated, have done a live event or have done some extroverting.

They are supposed to help anyone with anxiety, Aspie, autism, SPD, jittery legs, Alzheimer’s and more. I reckon they are brilliant for everyone. I make friends try them when they come over and they instantly feel the effects. Highly recommend! 

I’ll write a blog post up about these soon!


Best church sign ever.


We had the last day of school for the term and headed home with a bundle of toys to repair… and a beautiful antique chair to mend as well! This will be fun! Fun side projects for the school holidays!


Mermaid Daughter #1 Equinox. My Beautiful Light. Part human, part fae.


I took the kids out to the backyard, laid down on a picnic blanket and woke up three hours later. Woops. In other news, I feel like that beauty sleep really worked.


Secrets of succeeding at parenting: breed a child whose hair sits in a perfect bob at all times and never requires brushing. Unfortunately, Mermaid Daughter #1 used up all those genes, and Mermaid Daughter #2 got my wild nest of hair genes instead.

My parenting success tip for this kind of child: continue ignoring anyway, cut out dreads as they form and get quarterly hairdressing appointments exclusively for them to use fancy de-knotting spray and fine combs to de-dread the birds nest while your kid watches Peppa Pig.

I’m basically a parenting expert, guys.

You’re welcome. You’re welcome. #nailingit


Chris’ cousin Jodie (who is also my sista from another mista and our girl’s fairy godmother) is visiting with her family.

Our tribe of kids have been running amok with glee. Mermaid Daughter #1 adores her big boy cousins. It’s been SOOOO lovely and we’re scheming up ways to spend more time together.

Today we worked out that me and Troy are actually related… so the two Dawson cousins married two Dibben cousins. BAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA #smalltownlife


I discovered my in-life trippelganger (yes, I made it up) #threefictionalcharacters that I reckon are pretty spot on for my personality. Miranda from Miranda (AKA OMG THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH), Jess from New Girl and Phoebe from Friends. Ha!!!!!!!

13 14

We painted in the backyard with ze family in ze sun. Golly gosh it felt good.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.
Walt Whitman

Spiral Line

Okay gorgeous goddesses, that’s all from me!

I’ll be back soon to share more about the video shoot I just did on Friday!

Love, love, love,

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