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Leonie’s List of Things to Do This Life Continued…

56. Work in a bookstore
57. Perform a rain dance
58. Wear a grass skirt and a coconut bra
59. Get a professional dress-ups photo taken (dressed up like another era)
60. Baptise a baby
61. Find a signature perfume scent
62. Create a dreamboard
63. Watch a foal being born
64. Marry myself
65. Give birth
66. Find a song that sings about a Leonie
67. Have no idea about what I’m going to be doing for a year
68. Tell a stranger they look beautiful
69. Give a spontaneous hug to someone I wouldn’t usually.
70. Cut and polish a rock
71. Make a plaster cast of my breasts & belly and paint it
72. Belly dance in blue
73. See a buffalo
74. Take photos of the red dirt of the Grand Canyon against a blue blue sky.
75. Gondola. Venice.
76. Meet SARK.
77. Paint rocks
78. Paint with ochre rock dust
79. Create my own set of oracle cards
80. Delve and acknowledge the wisdom of my authentic and ancient self
81. Drink tea made from loose tea leaves
82. Make a necklace
83. White water raft
84. Ride a horse again
85. get henna painted on my hands