Sometimes I think:

your posts need to have a point, Leonie. Make them potent! Profound! Healing!

But then… but then…

there is so much inside me to tell you.

You are all my dear friends, my goddess sisters & my tribe.

How can I NOT tell you?

I’ve been writing my heart out to you

just like this

for the last seven years.

Screw having a point,

I say.

I want you to come over to share a large steaming pot of chai with me.

And nibble on gluten free shortbread, and bright bursting mandarins.

There is so much goodness in this world,

and I want to share it all with you.

And celebrate the fuck out of it too –

for us to hitch up our skirts

& dance with glee

barefoot in the earth.


One night
I had a very awake baby
who didn’t want to go to bed.

And instead of fighting it,
and grumbling about it,
I accepted it,
and we made art instead.

We turned a bag of rocks

into a rainbow river.

And we covered ourselves in paint

and then we had a bubble bath

and then she went to sleep.

In the morning

we gathered pens

& we wrote affirmations on the rocks.

I thought about how pre-baby, I would have carefully

scribed the words with gold paint.

But if I did that now, with a babe with very quick hands & ability to smear?

It wouldn’t happen.

So instead, permanent markers

were the very best thing to do.

And then we put them all in her little bike’s carry cart

& we took them to our lil village’s statue of Goddess Persephone,

and we put the rocks in her fountain.

It’s Guerilla Goddess Art!

I imagine these rainbow stones, glinting away,

beckoning those who need some love.

I hope they get pushed into pockets

and dispersed into the world

as little amulets of love from the angels.

(I don’t have a photo yet of goddess + rainbow rocks… but here’s one after I bedecked her in flowers for SPRING!!!)


Important things to tell.

A goddess asked me if we still have our Angel puppy,
as she doesn’t see her on here on the blog… or on Instagram… or Facebook.
There’s plenty of Charlie the Happy Healer doggy & Ostara light…
but as for Miss Angel?
Nowhere to be seeeeeeeen!

So here’s photographic evidence of our fluffy white fluffykins fluffballs:

There’s a reason she’s barely mentioned.

When I wrote our wanted ad for a new puppppy 3 years ago, I wrote this:

Chris (Papa Bear) is deeply kind-hearted and thoughtful, and will make you feel like a treasured morsel of furry divinity everyday. He will treat you with so much honour, spirit-respect, gentle protection and soulful love that he will make Leonie (Mama Bear)’s womb ache. He will also buy sprinklers for you to play in when you need them, and sleep on the couch to make sure you are comfortable and cool during summer (I’m not kidding). Chris needs a fluffy puppy to cup, hold and warm his ginormous, shining heart. He will love to make you feel loved.

And when you write letters to the universe like that, it will surely deliver.

When I asked for a fluffy puppy to cup, hold and warm his ginormous, shining heart – that’s just what we got.

Angel is a doggy who fell in love at first sight with Chris, and has been his little white shadow ever since. If you’re looking for her in my photos – she’s usually just beneath his legs, wedged next to his lap, or hovering… staring with a besotted lil look on her face.

I can understand. I am under the same Obsessed-With-Chris affliction.

And Mr Charlie? From the moment he laid eyes on me, he claimed me as his own.

And Ostara too.

So at any given moment, you’ll find him in baby-face-lick-status:

or beneath my feet, by my side, making art.


I just wanted to say

how art makes me happy

especially when they are dates

with other mamas + babbas

and we all make art together.

Incase you ever wanted to know what kind of palette I use, here is your answer:

My pants.


I just wanted to say that it’s been 18 months since we moved home

and everytime we drive through the cane fields

I feel at home.

Even when it sucked to be here.

There’s just something about here.

A magic. A life. An energy.

A home.


At least twice a day, this is my view.

Breastfeeding Ostara to sleep.

Tiny (not so) baby toes pressed into my belly and leg.


incase you are wondering,

happy pants make days…


Making art with Ostara is one of my favourite parts of being a mama.

(Creating Art with Kids shares more about this.)

And this.

Sweet miracle.

My dear friend Leah Piken Kolidas sent this magical piece of artwork as a gift for our wedding.

It touched my heart so deeply.

Then on the weekend we happened to have a family photoshoot at one of our favourite beaches thanks to our dear friend Trish.

And the photos came back…

and it reminded me of a physical incarnation of her painting.

Wow. Such a blessing.

A miracle come true.

(P.S. Chris makes me swoon. I spend a large amount of time swooning at him in those photos. And mooning about how we’ve made the most beautiful, adorable daughter in the world. Hee!)


And I just wanted to say:

Eight months ago

I was yearning.

Deeply, deeply yearning.

I was longing to find my tribe here in Proserpine.

Women friends. Ones who GOT me.


And then one day,

they came.

In a great horde, a pack of wild wolf women,

who lifted me up with laughter and generosity and stories.

They inspire me, in so many ways, these women.

They are do-ers. They make their dreams happen.

And they are incredibly kind.

They are a salve to my soul.

Today, in the sunset, we met at a coffee farm by the river.

And as the hours swirled by, I realised my whole body had exhaled,

and I was happy.

Two sweet little fairies… Miss Starry + Miss Savvy

So that’s me.

That’s what’s going on in my world.

I’m sending you love. Rainbows. Goodness. Wherever you are, right now, I want you to know good things come true.




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