Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s time to write a personal ad. To the universe. To our future puppy. Just to say exactly what we need, what we’d love and who we are. Just to send a little miracle wish out into the air. Just to have faith, and believe, and have fun in the process.


Adorable, kind-hearted, gentle puppy to fit into our Family of Love.

You will be: Hopefully small-ish. A happy house doggy. A puppy who loves to cuddle, be in Goddess videos, sit all over our books and oracle cards at inappropriate times, and enjoy our Heart Family’s funny funniness, hearty heartfulness and soulful soulfulness. You will also adore our twilight ritual of watering the garden, playing games and watching the sunset. You love hanging out in our cottage home in the burbs for now, but are also reallllly open to moving to the country with us.

We are: a family of three, desperately in love with each other.

Chris (Papa Bear)
is deeply kind-hearted and thoughtful, and will make you feel like a treasured morsel of furry divinity everyday. He will treat you with so much honour, spirit-respect, gentle protection and soulful love that he will make Leonie (Mama Bear)’s womb ache. He will also buy sprinklers for you to play in when you need them, and sleep on the couch to make sure you are comfortable and cool during summer (I’m not kidding). Chris needs a fluffy puppy to cup, hold and warm his ginormous, shining heart. He will love to make you feel loved.

Leonie (Mama Bear) is a little bit crazy and a whole lot of happy-excitable. She will giggle with you, and let you sleep on her side of the bed during winter. She will let you be stars of her videos and treat you as her own Goddess familiar. She will let you be a part of all that she does, and spoon you far too much (she’ll be the big spoon). Leonie needs another snuggle bunny puppy, a kindred spirit that reminds her with a lick of the toe who she is, what she wants to do in the world and just how loved she is.

Charlie will be your big puppy-brother. He will play ridiculous amounts of games with you, bring his favourite lion toy to you three billion times a day, and spoon with you (he’ll probably be the big spoon too, he’s been the little spoon for Leonie for far too long). He will bark away any storms for you, and lick your nose as a sacred healing gesture when you feel sad or in pain. He will spark your whole life with joy, and show you how to live by dive-bombing the hose while Papa Bear Chris is watering the garden. He will be your brother and best friend. Charlie also needs your consideration and gentleness when he has epilleptic fits. They are getting much better, but he still needs quietness, reassurance and love when they happen. And he will probably need to feel safe to welcome you in the house, but we’ll work on that together.

And most of all, all of us will adore you just as you are. We will let you shine as the special little soul you are, and use your gifts however you wish to. Our Family of Love has space for you to fill with your own beautiful energy.

If your name is Benny and we’ve already met you, we totally and completely love you and accept your application already. If your name is Benny and you already have a Mama and Papa Bear, we still totally and completely love you, and were so blessed to meet your gorgeous spirit.

If your name isn’t Benny, and this sounds like you, and you’d like to be the fourth Wiggle in our Heart Family, we would love to open our hearts, arms, home and life to you.

We have enclosed photo. Apply to Chris, Leonie & Charlie, Happy Cottage Home, Paw-Adoring Universe.

Mama Bear

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