Letter from LM

Beautiful poem today…

“Life is good.

Regardless of the vagaries of living,

life is worth living if only to have the opportunity

to smell the sweet lemon-vanilla scent of magnolia blossoms,

to see one paper-thin periwinkle butterfly flutter about,

to feel one cool breeze dance across your skin on a warm summer day,

to hear one chickadee call out for a mate, or

to taste the juicy sweet nectar of one ripe peach.

Joythe possibility of joy – is abundant even in times of sorrow

if only we use our senses.

Love life back.”

~ Claire Prideaux

Immensely touched today by mail.

Yes, mail.

A beautiful card (tree~free paper!) from the beautiful Lisa Marie

I cried when I read it.

I have to read it over and over again to comprehend it.

She tells me that the air is cleaner, the sun is warmer, since she met me.

How could it be that those words formed?

I am immensely grateful, dear, dear LM.

I am overwhelmed, speechless.

You are beautiful.

Still softly sobbing, laughing, dreaming, inside from it.

I can not enunciate the profound effect it has on me.

Parcels from Gaby

A parcel by the amazing, gorgeous, polka~dot~glorious, rainbow California Poppy/Gaby.

A parcel labelled “The Birthday Girl”

And inside ~ delight of delights was a number of

brown paper packages, tied up with purple string…

(these are a few of my favourite things! Come on people, let’s burst into song here,

a la Sound of Music!)

Oh yes! The joy of brown paper packages!

Different sized packages, each holding a surprise!

Hurrah! Such joy!

I relished them.

Read the card first, drinking in the words, then

Opened them carefully, one by one.

Yum! A polka dot notebook, dolphin paper, a beetle stamp, whimsical hair pins!

Tee hee hee!

Made me feel oh so thirteen, oh so juicy, oh so loved!

Thank you dear, amazing, harlequin Gaby!

You are the shiniest sequin!


I am immensely blessed by these two everyday miracles.

Love in a letterbox.

Love from around the world, and back again.


Today, at work, we proclaimed it to be “Spunk Monkey Screensaver Day”

We googled for our choice spunk monkeys…

Lile had Viktor blahblah from LOTR,

Bridget had Brad Pitt and George Clooney,

Rob had Hugh Jackman.

I started with Colin Firth, then migrated to John Corbett, then Kevin Spacey

until I found this Bill Pullman pic…

I had this exact picture as a poster when I was 17.

I just loved everything about the photo ~

the natural*ness, the real*ness, the beauty of B&W.

And I found the guy who took the pic… PAXTON

Well call me blown away… the guy is amazing.

Check out his celeb portraits, his travel photography.

The colours are divine… the composition perfect.

Yes, yes and Yes!


I would so dearly love to hear from all those reading this blog…

whether you are reading it for the first time, or are a repeat offender.

I promise to reply. 🙂