Goddess for a new journey, painted this evening.

“Everything in the Universe is interconnected. Each thought, action and event in the universe is connected, and influences each other. Each thought and action causes reactions and repercussions.

Everything in the Universe is energy. We see differences because each object has a different wave length and density. We live in an ocean of energy.”

~ The Daily Guru

They are right, you know.

Last night, I went for the first time, to a women’s group with my dear friend Deb.

Yes, a women’s group.

A group of women.

But more. Women open for juicy living, no matter what that may bring.

Women ready for sharing, and loving, and movements.

Fellow travellers of the journey.

I was ready for a new adventure, and the opportunity presented itself to me.

I took it.

I walked into the room, and felt at home.

The incense drew me instantly back to a time of innocence, wisdom, adventure

~ Me, 18, travelling alone in Malaysia,

The smell of the incense in the temples ~ chinese, indian, traditional malay.

The scent of magic, intoxicating and real.

The room was lit by candles, and a circle of women were arranged around it

On comfy sofas, wicker chairs, ground pillows.

Friendly, familiar faces.

Each beautiful in their own divine way.

And there was sharing, and laughing, and quietness.

Discussions, and connecting, and divinity, other worlds.

Talk of wolves, of tribes, of labyrinths.

I saw before me a page turning, a new chapter unfolding.

Mist clearing gently from my path, revealing a new stone.

A safe circle of women.

A flow of energy.

They gave dearest Deb a statue for her birthday

It was of a nude woman, long hair, head resting on upright knee, fingers languid.

Peaceful. Safe.

And one said: this is how we feel around you Deb.

I had to smile.

Yes. Yes it is.

Later, in a quieter moment, I leant up against Deb’s chair

And she stroked my hair.

B l i s s.

I was the girl in the statue, sitting, head resting on upright knee,

Peaceful. Safe. Surrounded with love.

I so rarely have been in such a conscious group before.

This is *b i g*, you know?

Bigger than I’ve experienced before.

The thing that most touched me about the group was the movement of energy.

The holding of hands, the vibrations pulsating through me, the wonder of it all.

Connecting to ourselves, each other, and other circles out there ~ of women and men.

It touched me profoundly.

I drove home in a wonder*filled daze.

Later, as I was falling to sleep, I thought to myself quietly:

So how did you feel about THAT?

And I saw a vision – my body, with paint on it.

Deeper than paint, it was a part of my body.

And the paint?

Red, a deep vibracious red.

The red of my blood, of all that intertwines.

It etched the deep words:

Y E S.

It shouted from my belly and it called to the world

Howling like the wolves we spoke about,

Hungering to meet new tribes, and join old ones

Speaking to the wild, and to me

Y E S.

And then I wafted into sleep

shaped by the smell of lavendar on my pillow

Warmed by dreamtime tea

And in my sleep I dreamt

Of me as a wild woman self.

Y E S.