Hola gorgeous goddess!

Just a big, beautiful reminder floating to you on the backs of rainbow lorikeets…
I’m writing to you cross-legged on the grass under our avocado tree. BLISS.

Have I told you ::

There are FOUR of my goddess e-courses beginning July 31st. Which is only a few days away! Want to join in?

How to know which one is singing to you right now ::

* CLICK if you need to creatively unblock
* CLICK if you need to declutter & zen out your abode
* CLICK if you need to make more money
* CLICK if you need to spring clean that body-temple of yours

How to sign up ::

To join in with the group of goddess, sign up to ze Goddess Circle. It’s only $99 & it’s the best $99 you’ll ever spend. True story. That’s what I hear all the time from the goddesses!

Have questions ::

Email me, dearest. You’ll get an email back from either me or my lovely support fairy Marissa. We are here to help. Hold your hand. Whisper loving encouragement. Be your Goddess sister.

Allllll my loooove & beyond

P.S. It’s my grandmother’s 94th birthday today. She is the most magical cowgirl I have ever known:

P.P.S. I just want to whisper to you sweetie… if you have any fears at all about joining in… please just email us. We have unicorns & fairies designated JUST for wand-pointing at fears. And then POOF. They turn into glitter and love. It’s pretty much the best fun ever. YAY!