home inspiration

Hola gorgeous goddess!!!

So it’s been almost a year!!!! since we filled that huge big dream of ours & moved back to tropical paradise. We bought my grandmother’s old 100+ year old cottage & have been slowly making it our own.

When we moved here… our garden wasn’t really a garden…

it was just a yard, with a broken fence (thanks to a cyclone).

My vision for it was to turn it into a tropical paradise.

We spent years living in an alpine city (Canberra) where our garden was very English cottage gardenesque – resplendent with thirty types of rose bushes.

But now? Now I really, really want a garden that looks jungley and lush and tropical. Like a garden at a temple in Bali.

Colour and lush tropical plants and sanctuaries.

It’s now transforming slowly but surely…

I’m really starting to love it.

My backyard is my sacred space… I really need it to feel safe and private, because connecting to the earth is my main spiritual and healing practice… I just love to be outside.

Our enchanted garden at sunset…

We’ve been letting the old garden beds grow wild to see what sprung forth… and to my uber delight, huge crops of marigolds sprung up – my favourite flower!!!

We got a big wooden fence installed for more privacy.

This is under one tree… prayer flags make everything happy…

And around another one… there’s actually a fairy house in the garden bed… but it’s since been taken over by marigolds. YIPPEE!!! SO beautiful!!! I’ll have to relocate the fairy house to somewhere else… maybe…

And we planted this tiny stick of a hibiscus plant when we first arrived…

this just arrived… our first pink hibiscus on it.

And here’s a goddess statue that we’ve had for years… I painted her up to make her shine a bit more when we got her…

We moved her with us across the country even though she weighs a ton… we just didn’t want to let her go 🙂

I’m feeling SO inspired now to keep turning it into a lush tropical garden…

dreamy dreamy dreamy!

And Santa gave us a ginormous new balinese goddess statue for the garden as well… yippeeeee!!! So now to find a place for her!

I want to turn her into an outdoor altar.

I’m a happy little garden goddess!!!!

My two sweet loves in the garden… look at that sweet face of hers, would you? Holy adorable!

Big big love, spirit and garden faeries!!!