Hola my darling hearts,

What have you’ve been up to this week?

I’ve been:

ART ART ART. More art. Making lots of art with Ostara: big wide painted letters to send to dear friends, tiny mini canvasses for Christmas presents, and lots of pages in my art journal.

Working in my Creative Caravan like a wild one, pulling together a new gorgeous Goddess Ambassador Centre (to be released soon!)

Taking short drives around town just to get out of the house when I feel like I’m going bonkers, driving past the house me & Chris first fell in love ten years ago, smiling & sending love to its new owners.

Hanging out with my Daddy-o on his birthday!

Reviewing my 2011 Creating my Goddess Year workbook & have been spellbound by the fact it’s all come true.

Watching a series of crappy movies. I tend to be either on a super amazing movie streak or a so-bad-it’s-barely-watchable one. But still! As my sister says, it’s just awesome to sit & watch a movie. Amen to that!


And now! Some luscious links to inspire you this Sunday!


  HILARIOUS. Self-help Advice from a 2 year old

  LOVED this goddess’ review of the Goddess Circle. Especially the eloquent use of “assload”.

  How to be a writer.

 Am VERY grateful to Danielle Laporte for coming out with the Big Beautiful Book Plan. Over the last six years I’ve collected SO many books on pulling together a book proposal & getting a book deal… and I’m just so grateful she’s released this. It’s infinitely more useful than those books, and I really do trust her advice as a woman who walks her talk. Dear Hay House & my dream of having books in Big W, I am coming for you. Love forever, Leonie.

  For anxious goddesses, this was a really useful show to watch on SBS Insight. Thanks to the super finder skills of hunky love!

  These portraits made out of newspaper are stunning. Makes me want to make art art art. (Even though I’ve been making it all day!)

  An interview I did on marketing yourself like a goddess.

  Dads are the Original Hipsters. Oh the joy.

  My amazing friend Jennifer Lee posting on Creative Everyday about Being BIG.

 NO idea why I find this so amusing, but I DO.


tee hee hee!


wild rainbow turquoise LOVE!