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I was at a barbeque on Saturday night. It was raining, so we were all sitting on camping chairs inside an old garage. Light streamed through one small window, and as my friends were chatting, I took the above shots.

Who knew that a photo shoot of the oblivious on a rainy day in an old garage would turn out so beautifullly?

Keep your eyes peeled – I have a sneaking suspicion that magic is happening all around us, every moment of every day.

Tia Emma, Julia, Andrea

I also got to meet Andrea and Julia’s aunt Emma who is visiting from Equador.
I practiced my Spanish introduction over and over again. She doesn’t speak English, and I wanted to be able to say something she could understand…
Ola Tia Emma! Como estaz?

We forged a friendship based on that sentence, Andrea’s interpreting and many hugs.
I just love her already!

We are all beings of light and we are here to light the way for each other.
~ the daily om