So, me and Lile were talking, you see.

And we were talking about how guys always go for the “other” girls ~ the pretty ones, the simple ones, the uncluttered ones. And how those guys end up being hurt because those girls can be fickle or indecisive and they can hunger for attention.

And we, the girls on the sidelines, wonder just why the heck those boys want those girls and not us. What we are missing that makes us less attractive to those men.

And then, one day, when we least expect it, we find a man who loves us wholly and solely; who isn’t interested in the pretty and simple ones. No ~ they yearn for and want a real woman ~ in all her beauty, her complexities and her big brave heart. She may be messy, yes, and not at all simple, yes, but she is entirely divine.

And those men are the men that we too are searching for and hunger for ~ sensitive, intelligent, journeying, conscious ~ so different from the other men. Men who challenge us and want us to be the best we can be. Men who are not afraid of the goddess which rears her head, flashing eyes, independant but intensely loving.

So me and Lile decided: it was actually a big beautiful blessing in disguise that those other guys weren’t interested in us. Because, at the heart of it, we weren’t really interested in them, nor could we love them the way we could really love. By their absence in our lives, the path was cleared and the space was made.

A runway was paved for the touchdown of the Great Plane of Beautiful Men.