dearest Lisa Marie used this photo of mine on her blogger…

this is what i posted in her comments section:

oooh! and it was SUCH a gorgeous surprise to see that photo I took on here! There’s a wee story behind this one… my darling lil sister Maryanne is four years younger than me. I took this photo when I was about 16, so she’s actually only about 13 in the pic! ha ha, how funny! she looks like a grown woman! Anyhews, I used to wake up really early just as the sun was rising, and I’d want to take photos… but I’d want a model.

So I’d go wake up Maryanne ~ Mooky gently… she is NOT a morning person whatsoever ~ and i’d ask her all sweetie pie pretty please come be my model.

and she’d grumble, but she’d amuse me, and she’d wash her face, stand as I tumbled her into outfits and we’d walk barefoot through the dew laden glass to the chosen spots.

and the photos were beautiful ~ not bad for two teenagers ~ one hyper~creatively~driven (me) and one wiping sleep from her eyes, at dawn, on a farm.

so those photos are dedicated to mooky. for amusing me in all my creative dreamings.

thank you for reminding me of this dearest LM ~ I will send Maryanne this link ~ she is in Europe at the moment. 17 and in Europe. Gawd, i am so proud of her!

just wanted to share,

love and laughter,