me and he, photo by my rocking bus buddy james

It was late at night on the open road,

Speeding like a man on the run,

A lifetime spent preparing for the journey;

He is closer now and the search is on,

Reading from a map in the mind,

Yes there's the ragged hill,

And there's the boat on the river.

~ chris de burgh, don't pay the ferryman

at the moment i feel a little bit like the wind has gone from my sails

and i sense that the direction’s about to change
and i’m not sure what beautiful oceans i’ll be exploring next

but i do know when i look at you
~ i mean really look at you and into you ~
it all seems clear

i sense the ocean lives in you
and mountains too
and in that big heart of yours
you hold me carefully.

i’m not sure where exactly we are going,
i just know we have to go there
and we go there


have i met you somewhere before?