pane e tulipani

what a lush and lovely way to spend a rainy saturday afternoon.

some of my favourite parts ~

the look on her face when she played the accordion.

the bread and the note he left her in the mornings.

the anarchist florist man.

running through the nooks and crannies of venice.

the chemistry and delicacy in the first touches of the massage between the hippy blonde friend and the private eye.

the dreadlocks on her son when he was dancing in the crowd at the very end.

how i would keep on popping up the volume when i couldn’t understand it… even though it was subtitles and i don’t know any italian…

how she kinda looked like janeane garafalo.

i love how it started so normally – on a tour bus, on vacation, getting stuck in the dunnies before missing the bus… from there it fell into magic and serendipity and a whole deep rich new life.

the bright white dream sequences.

the hotel boat.

the tulips as each petal dropped one by one, and he kept them in a bowl, waiting for her to return..

oh! oh! i think the most scrumptious of all was the birthday picnic they had in the grasslands with rivers running through it… all of them there, looking free and joyful and light…

“imagine your life. now go live it.”
and eat some pane. smell some tulipani. say ciao.
wear flirty floaty dresses.
and dance like a phoenix rising from the ashes…