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i feel myself growing.

and remembering.

remembering what it is to be a medicine woman.
what it is to follow spirit.
what it is to honour all journeys, just as they are, without so much judgement and rules.
what it is to see and confront my fears, and know they will heal.
what my purpose here on earth is.

it is to be me. radiantly me. lengthen that bell curve of strangeness out so it widens the bell of what “normal” is.
it is to take photographs of women as goddesses, just as they are.
it is to share my story with the world.
it is to create circles of sacred space.
it is to heal.
it is to speak as great spirit guides me, with intuition and compassion.
it is to create art as i see the world.
it is to invoke spirit in all i create.
it is to write of this.
it is to live in this.
and for the first time i see how this is all for me. this is all for my journey and my living of it.

i am a medicine woman.
this is the path i walk.

blessed be,