Oh my darling hearts…

it’s less than a MONTH until the World’s Biggest Summit begins!!!

Have you checked out the teachers that are teaching for freeeeeeee?

Some of my most favourite teachers will be presenting free workshops…

including Julia “The Artist’s Way” Cameron… Lynn V “Medicine Woman” Andrews… Jennifer “Comfort” Louden… “Succulent” SARK… Christine Kane… Kate Northrup… Angela Stokes-Monarch… Naomi Aldort… Danielle Laporte… Fabeku Fatunmise… Joanna Powell Colbert… the Astro Twins!!! And sooooo many more!!!

Business luminaries.
Spirituality leaders.
Health + wellness visionaries.
Creativity goddesses.
The writers you worship.
The bloggers you bow to.
The geniuses you ogle.
The wisdom you’re craving.
100+ teachers.
Thousands of lightbulb moments.
It only takes one, to change your life…

Me & Mermaid Daughter #1 made you a wee video above… flute-whacking comes freeeee as video bonus! ha!!!!! (You’ll see!)

Grab your free workshops!!!

To grab your free workshops in October, all you need to do is:

Head over to WorldsBiggestSummit.com

And pop your name & email into the pink box!

It’s 100% free. And loving. And rainbow. As all things Goddess Leonie love to be.

And please please do share it along with anyone who might need some extra love & illumination in their life right now!

I just so absolooodely, totally, whole-heartedly believe in this Summit. In the power of lightbulb moments. In our lives changing in one moment, from just one thing that one wise soul has told us at just the right time.



looove!!! looooove!!! looooooooove!!!!