Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Every day, I get to log into a rainbow little temple, and connect with 300+ other goddess sisters. Women who are my instant besties. A place we can share about art and soul and business and writing and mamahood and miracles. A place that is a Goddess Circle.

Everyday, there are miracles there.

I want to share them with you.

I ding dang know how hard is to know what a circle or forum is like if you’re not a part of it. So this is like a teensy glimpse. A guest post by Team Goddess.

Think of it like a mini Goddess Circle gathering around you…

filled with wise, creative, joyful goddesses…

just like you.

Changing The Theme of 2010

So, 2010 was a big year, yus?

For so many of us.

I’ve even been secretly calling it “2010: The Year That Sucked Giant Panda Balls.”

And we were talking about it in Circle.

And a strong, incredible, brave goddess said:

You know, I’m going to change the way I think about 2010.

I’m going to call it:

And it felt so good in my heart to hear that.

Empowering. Revolutionary even.

Way more exciting than “The Year That Sucky Stuff Happened To Me.”

It totally resonated.

2010 didn’t really suck.

It just changed everything, incredibly.

2010: The Year of Radical Change.

goddess line

Discoverer! Of The World’s Softest Magical Unicorn!

unicorn goddess

Goddess Circle sister Cassie Oswald, photographer + holy flipping delight extraordinaire discovered + procured herself The World’s Softest Magical Unicorn.


This photo makes me grin so much that my eyes leak.

goddess line

The New Best Way To Get Kids Asleep

This note made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

And then promptly start trying it with Ostara.


Just put my Miss 5 year old to bed, she listened to the Dreaming Time meditation. She was asleep before it ended.

It’s the first night she has been asleep before 9:30pm (it was 7:30!) , now I know the secret to getting her to bed early 🙂 So cute she said “I wanna listen to Goddess Guide meditation Mama” 🙂

It was magical!!!

Get to sleep meditation

goddess line

Compelling evidence to take more breaks!

In circle we were talking about taking more breaks & rest periods for ourselves… not beating ourselves up when we need to take a break from a project, and instead regarding it as a natural part of the creative (and living) process.

The wise Goddess Diane shared this which had me thinking for days:

Even companies build in breaks for their employees. And I’m not talking about coffee breaks, I mean substantial, long, involved breaks intended to recharge their work, and that are oustide normal vacation and sick days.

There’s a design company here in Denver that takes a year, a year, off every seven years. They completely close up shop. There’s not even a receptionist on duty and their website completley closes down. And employees are still paid, and invited to do whatever they want for that year. Many choose to travel. And the CEO of the company readily admits that the work that they do the other six years is largely inspired by that year that everyone has off. They’re one of the most innovative and expensive design firms in the country because they do amazing work.

The article talked about another company that takes a month off every year. Same story–their employees are paid and they just close up shop and people are invited to do whatever would fuel and nourish them the most. And they reported the same stellar results.

So, it’s acknowledged that people flourish when they take care of themselves, when they listen to themselves, when they nourish themselves. It’s something we so often forget in our society. I’m totally guilty of working all the time, too. That’s one of the perils of an online business is that it’s so easy to work all the time, and I feel guilty if I don’t. But lately, I’m making “me” time a priority. Every day I make an effort to go outside. In fact, it’s almost time for my daily walk, which I’ll do as soon I as I finish writing this. 🙂 And I sleep more now than I used to, and I’m taking time to create better, more nourishing meals for me, and I’m seeing it come out in my biz. I’m more inspired. It’s easier for me to tap into Source and my true gifts.

It’s my belief that magnificent, hard worker goddesses can only shine their lights when they take the time to recharge their batteries. 🙂

Let Go

The incredible Goddess Circle sister Leah Piken Kolidas, artist, sweet soul + mama-to-be created the above stunning artwork after being inspired by one of my Goddess reminders…

Goddess Reminder: let it go. Let the pain go. Let the sadness unravel. Let it go. Today, you have permission to feel light of heart.

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Goddess Marketplace

Goddess Shop

We have a Goddess Marketplace at Goddess Circle. A virtual village market filled with radiant rainbow tents. And all the goddesses who have offerings & goodies set up there.

I imagine all ze goddesses wandering the alleys, visiting the market stalls in our goddess finery… feet in the earth… incense wafting in the air… peeping into all the stalls to see what sings to us… so many precious goddess offerings! Colour, spirit, blessings and laughter present everywhere…

Some of the treasures I’m adoring from the marketplace this week…

WildMotherArts creates beautiful Red Tent + fertility jewellery… I’ve been mooning (ho ho ho! mooning! get it?) over her sacred jewels this week!

goddess line

Ahhhhhh… that was like a flipping SPA. With mango frappes! And fairy lights!

Big love,

Goddess Leonie

Goddess Circle