Hola honey bunny,

Were you ever in love with Joshua Kadison? When he had long hair, and wore vests, and played pianos in old barns?

If yus, you’ll totally get the title of this post.

If no, please travel back in time to the 1990’s in a rinkydink time travel machine so you too can fall in lurrrrve, and then travel forward in time till now, and yay! Now you get the title of my post!

*group hugs and mutual JK loving-uppery*

Anyhewsles… I have less than 20 minutes to write this post, so aways we go! Yippee! More photos from paradise!!!

Dood. Just so you know, I wake up everyday and think to myself:

Holy DINGER you make ADORABLE BABIES Leonie!!!

And then I high five myself.

Once upon a time I used to live in a city that was kinda muted in colour, and we’d drive along six lane highways everyday.

And then we come back here, and we get to drive instead on roads like this.

Small. Quiet. No other cars. Just us. No traffic lights.
Just palm trees and rainforested mountains and sugar cane and turquoise skies.

My soul is happy. Really, really happy.

Like I just can’t stop smiling.

Home on the farm in the early morning.

I really can NOT stop smiling.

My big sissy. My daughter. Me.

I just don’t have any words for this…

just that it’s perfect.

My big sissy Rebekah.

You are going to be seeing a LOT of her on here.

She is magical and wonderful. I kinda need her to function. She’s the earth to my water, baby.

She’s also a seer.

She utterly inspires me.

She just came back from a year living in England, doing all sorts of wonderful things, including GOING TO AVALON(!) because I told her to.

We have big big big plans and dreams and they are so so so going to happen!

My dad showing Mermaid Daughter how to pat our miniature horse Jack.

This makes my heart sing.

Did you know my earliest memory is when I was two?

I was wearing a yellow frilly dress, and we’d just gotten back from going to town. Dad was mustering cattle, and my mama carried me over to see him. He was on his loyal chestnut mare, Noeleen. Mama lifted me up into his arms, and Dad held me in front of me on the saddle. I remember looking down at Noeleen’s neck and mane, and feeling utterly at peace.

I was always a Daddy’s girl. Always a horsey girl.

And it melts my heart seeing the same thing happening with my own daughter now.

I photographed myself in this mirror just a year ago, when I was visiting home last:

How could I have possibly known that only a year later I would be back…

this time to stay?

this time with a daughter in my arms?

(P.S. I LOVE THE FARMHOUSE! Colour! Things! History! Love!)

Last Saturday, we had our usual Big Greek Family Day (except we’re not Greek). Lunch under the trees, all the family around.

Mermaid Daughter having a cuddle with her papa.

Ummmm. Again, I repeat:


I also have ridiculously good taste in hot men.

My gorgeous gran playing with her 14th great-grandchild.

Gran, you rock.

Please check out my sissy doing the classiest photobomb around. I adore photobombs.

Another excellent attempt at photobombing. Well played, sista!

This is also another excellent attempt by Mermaid Daughter to increase the world’s population by enticing womenfolk to fall pregnacious with her adorability. Well played, Mermaid Daughter!

And that’s my sweet Dad-in-law, attempting to ignore the crazy women around him. Well played, Stevie Weavie!

I heart her.

Believe it or not, I had to cull these photos down by 1000% percent, because there were just too many Mermaid Daughter-looking-utterly-ridunkulously-adorable shots.

Darling reader, you know when I told you I was pregnant at six weeks? And proceeded to vom-bom my way through the next five weeks? And document the whole thing with video? And then photos?

Well… did you ever think in all that time that the little being in my belly would end up being so divine and argh! adorable!?

I think about it all the time. That she was in my belly.

She: this little wonder and miracle and blessing… replete with her own strong, magical spirit and personality and wise old soul eyes.

She was inside me.

Speaking of wise old souls, this is my niece Paige. Who was in her mama’s belly last time I was here, and we photographed her. Circle of life, no?

Me thinks Paige & Mermaid Daughter are going to be ze best little magic-making BFF cousins to walk ze planet together.

And more photos from this enchanting place…

Lake Proserpine & Roma Peak… they are calling me!

Can you believe it’s scrumptiousness?

This is just down the road from the farm & Crystalbrook Retreat.

And… I’ve been reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” over and over to Mermaid Daughter.

Then we saw this butterfly the other day.

I totally think it’s the kind of butterfly that the very hungry caterpillar would turn into.


And final one…

Us at my love’s aunt & uncle’s farm by the sea. Photo by my one true love.

Perfection. Dreamy. Here.

Tonight as the sun went down, my love, my sissy, Mermaid Daughter & I were outside in our new backyard. The evening sea breezes had just started. We were looking around at the mango trees and passionfruit vines and papaw trees. We were dreaming and laughing and playing with the dogs.

And it felt right.

The right place. The right time. The right people. The right everything.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve known deep within my heart that I was where I was supposed to be.

And now I’m here…

it feels damn good.

It really was worth waiting for.

I’m wishing you all the love under the sea and over the rainbow,

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