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The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.
e. e. cummings

Last night was my women’s circle. It was beautiful and empowering and insightful.
My incredible friend Deb led it, and today I find myself sorting through the gifts, blessings and lessons. One of the tasks she gave us was this:

For one month, do one NEW thing every day.
it can be small, it can be big. it can be as simple as driving a different way.
it’s moving outside of our box of regularity, comfort and restrictions.
it’s opening space for new things to appear and grow.
i am so excited by its possibilities.

Yesterday I ate a persimmon.
Today I did THREE THINGS: I chose a sandwich instead of a donut at lunch {donuts no longer serve me}. When I got home I did some tai chi and it was divine. AND then I made handmade raspberry hot sauce to eat over ice-cream for the first time.

following this… i got inspired by natalie mac’s “Things to Do this life” list.
So here’s mine. I might get some done this month.
Who knows where these deliciously adventurous days will take me…

Leonie’s beginning list of THINGS TO DO

1. Have a midnight picnic
2. Paint my nails bright purple
3. Have a bicycle with streamers on the handlebars
4. Have henna painted on the palms of my hands
5. Read tea leaves
6. Learn how to say “thank you” in six languages. {three completed. three to go.}
7. Play Bingo in a Bingo hall.
8. Scuba dive
9. Hanglide
10. Wear a lot of bangles on my wrists so I can make music when I *sashay*
11. Swim with dolphins
12. Spread happy graffiti/street stickers
13. Photograph project of street art
14. Hold the hands of my beloved on a beach and say *I do* while looking intensely into his eyes
15. Begin & finish my second gratitude journal
16. Finish reading “Women who run with the Wolves”
17. Read “Mists of Avalon”
18. Read a Henry Miller book
19. Finish an Anais Nin book
20. Have a book launch
21. Write silly and insightful sayings on t-shirts and wear them
22. Paint like a goddess
23. Watch “What the Bleep Do we Know”
24. Watch the Qaatsi trilogy
25. Record a full length song
26. Dance on a table
27. Design my own sticker series
28. Feel truly enriched, uplifted and satisfied by my career. Touch other’s lives with my work.
29. Get published by a publishing house
30. Paint a photo frame
31. Have a big treasure chest of artsy goodies
32. Make an altar
33. Cook a creme brulee
34. Play a magical April Fool’s Day trick
35. Get an eyebrow ring
36. Rockclimb
37. Have bright blue hair
38. Canoe/Kayak on Lake Burley Griffin
39. Go to a Sacred Heart Gathering at Uluru
40. Howl at full moon
41. Learn the dates for star signs off by heart
42. Get a tattoo
43. Do an art portfolio up with photos of all my works
44. Learn Tibetan Buddhist meditation
45. Dance on a beach at night
46. Have a LeoniePaLooza
47. Sleep under the stars again
48. Hike for three days
49. Eat noodles again at a streetvendor stall in SE Asia
50. Have a hammock.
51. Own a blue car
52. Add to this list
53. Change my name to Leonie Cougar Mellancamp Allan {or not}
54. Dress in disguise
55. Get so flexible i can bend my head to my knees

i DARE YOU to write your own.