Hola darling hearts!

Are you like me & totally flipping bored with the internet?

Consider this your official invitation to switch off this Sunday!

Remember when we used to do this like ALL the time? We’re bringing it back, baybee!

You can switch off for an hour, an afternoon or go the whole unicorn and do ze whole day!

The best way to do it is with an intention in mind.

Here’s the Masterlist of SoS glorious things to do to get you dreaming…

Imagonna be finishing (& sending off) The Happiness Project, going for a walk, watching Dinner with Schmucks (pretty sure it’s going to be terrible, and that’s okay) & eating mangoes (we’re getting to the end of the mango season here in Australia…. nooooooooooo!) in the backyard with the four adorables I spend my life with (hunky husby, owl baby daughter + two very fluffy puppies!)

Take THAT, internet!

big switched off love!