my favourite morning this year was in august, on my parents’ farm.
playing outside in the early light with my niece and nephew – joshua and alyssa.
joshy pointing to our mini-horse jack, and understanding that he wanted to be a cowboy.
so i made him a cowboy. and alyssa was a cowgirl.
i placed them on jack’s back, and held them there, all three of us giggling wildly,
as jack ignored us and continued eating.
at one point, jack took a sudden grass-eating turn and i caught the munchkins on their way down. all they did was giggle more and ask to go back up again.

so that’s how we spent some time.
there in the lush green grass, under the bluest of morning skies,
still with bed hair and in pyjamas,
learning how to horse~ride.

placing that memory in the goddess~box of my heart,
and keeping it for good.