photo friday’s topic is BURN.

“Do you wanna be a poet and write
Do you wanna be an actor up in lights
Do you wanna be a soldier and fight for love
Do you wanna travel the world
Do you wanna be a diver for pearls
Or climb a mountain and touch the clouds above
Be anyone you want to be
Bring to life your fantasies
But I want something in return
I want you to burn, burn for me baby”
~ Tina freaking Arena “Burn”
I can’t believe I just quoted Tina freaking Arena on my blog.

also, on all things burny, i am currently obsessed with photos from burning man
i want to go. i want to go. i want to go.

and it’s going to be a tough one, but i can try and tie the next one into the burn theme too…
drum roll please…
sooooo… wanna know what goddess lights YOUR FIRE???
{ho ho ho, even *I* astound me)

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Earth girl

my work in the world is done. three topics, one post, vaguely tied.
AND i have quoted Tina freaking Arena.