So this is a story of miracles. Not just one, but two ~ and these photos are the evidence of it.

A couple of months ago, I played an abundance game with a bunch of gorgeous souls over at the SARK Forum. Everyday, we would imagine the universe had given us money, and we’d have to spend it that day. The first day was a gift of $1000, the second day was $2000, the third was $3000. I’d scour the internet searching for pictures of the things I would buy, window shopping for my spirit’s aspirations. Within weeks, miracles began happening. With my universe money, I bought a wooden table, big enough to have a large family dinner around. My dad told me later that week he’d decided to buy some wood to make a big dinner table for me (without me mentioning I needed it). I bought business mentors with my universe money, and connected with three (now four) within a month. Money I universally gifted to friends and family came to them in other ways. The miracles poured in, and I noted down at least eight of them.

Just before I left for holidays in October, another miracle happened. I had bought with my universal money a photoshoot to celebrate the love of my partner and I. I was contacted by a gorgeous Cancerian photographer – Robeccer from Adori Studios to let me know we had won a photoshoot with her. I was ecstatic for *weeks* about it! We left to go on holidays, and came back engaged and soaking in even more love and deeper dreams. So our photoshoot became an engagement photoshoot, in our most favourite & sacred place in Canberra – an ancient rock in the mountains near here.

It was such a miracle to experience this photoshoot, for it to have come through some magical ways, and to connect with the amazing Robeccer. She is a gifted & sensitive spirit, and I’m looking forward to sharing a gorgeous day with her tomorrow at my Canberra Creative Goddess workshop.

And most of all, I’m blessed to experience the miracle that is love… the story of two souls’ journeys unfolding together, learning, sharing, growing and enJOYing all of life’s lessons & blessings together.

Wishing you miracles, wide, brave, ridiculous, floating, fabulous and possible today,
Group Hugs,