Yesterday I ran a half day Creative Goddess workshop here in Canberra with nine amazing, beautiful, talented and precious women. It amazes me just how quickly women can fall into sisterhood with each other when given the joyful and soulful moment to. In the circling, the meditating, the creating, miracles are born & spirits shine. Women return home to themselves.

In witnessing these gorgeous goddesses get paint on their lands, creating wild artworks with rainbow paint & dried leaves & shining marbles & wools & charcoal, I realised something.

The thing about art – it’s not about art.

It’s about a woman who collages a tree and reminds herself she is strong, just like that tree.
It’s about a woman who creates an artwork filled with life and butterflies and rainbow wool, who sees in it all the times she didn’t love herself, and now does.
It’s about a woman who paints herself walking from the darkness into the light.
It’s about a woman who lets go in the process – who finds herself breathing, and exhaling, and letting herself LET GO of all the control and boxes and doubt she once had.
It’s about a woman who finds the colours, who finds the belief inside that she can create, she can grow, she can trust in herself and her gifts.
It’s about a woman who sits in the grass, painting with fingers, at last giving herself the space and time to nurture herself and hear her soul speak.
It’s about a woman who shares her spirit through art, shining her story for the whole world to see.

All these stories, these artworks, these women, they make my eyes well up with joy and my heart swell with love.

Here’s the thing that people forgot to tell us:
It doesn’t matter what the art looks like.
Let me repeat, just so I always remember:
It doesn’t matter what the art looks like.

What matters is that it was made.
What matters is the time spent creating, the time a woman has spent connecting with herself & her wild, colourful spirit inside.
What matters is that she believed in herself, trusted herself & gifted herself with moments that celebrated who she is.
What matters is that she brought OUT what once just lived INSIDE.

After an afternoon of meditating, circling, connecting, sharing, creating, painting and dreaming, I saw women shining. Shining with remembering just how beautiful they are.

And that’s why I’m doing the Creative Goddess e-course. So that any woman, any where in this beautiful world of ours can join and be a part of this experience, and know that it’s not about the art. It’s about the moments painting, letting go, collaging, breathing, drawing, laughing, crafting the story of our soul, and the bright possibility of who we could be. It’s about remembering just how beautiful we are, inside and out. It’s about remembering we are Goddesses, inside and out, with sacred, precious stories

Big love,

P.S. Oooh! OOOOOH! I’m hoping to share photos of the gorgeous day tomorrow  taken by the gorgeous goddess Jackie 🙂