Hi dearhearts,

About a month ago, I had one of the funnest, craziest days of work in my life. I teamed up with some truly cool peeps… and spent 8 hours filming an 8 minute video!

16 nine hour photoshoot down

It was one of those moments in life where everything stood still… and I realised that everything I’d ever dreamed of doing in my life… books, drama, comedy, art, sacred women’s circles, helping people, hippy-ing it up, being a ridiculous nutbag on camera…

It all came true.

It’s the most ridiculous, glorious, paint-splattered video I’ve ever made.


The night before we went and made it, I had this HILARIMO idea for a skit to do in it… of being a suuuuper mopey public servant… which resulted in stealing clothes from my husband’s cupboard and texting my PM Mel at butt fuck o’clock in the morning that I needed her briefcase.

Worth it though, for the ridiculous, sad scene we managed to create…


I have to say though – I was laughing too damn hard from it. I am WAY more Tigger than I am Eeyore.

And to do a glum walk was something I need more acting practice at.

The adorable cameraman Jimmy kept yelling:


Then once we cut, we’d all have another giggle again.

Bloody splendid.


Just as we finished filming that section, some gorgeous mates turned up…

I’d put an urgent call out on my private Faceybookywooky, asking if any friends were free that afternoon to be video stars.

I have such bloody good mates… they turned up with glee.

Above is me cuddling Rachel, who I hadn’t seen for five years… It was such a teary moment actually… she was our doula and photographer when we had Starry, she photographed me an hour before my waters broke, and was there for the birth and post-natal parts, and photographed us as a family, and then flew up to photograph our wedding a year later as well. So many moments shared with this one… big, tender, vulnerable moments that made seeing her again so beautiful.


Our little circle… Louie and Bee (and Jasper, the cutest baby of all time with cheeks for days!) who I have been sacred circling with since a dozen years ago, and Smita, who is a friend and my osteopath and Rachel.

It was fucking cold, but gosh it was golden in that afternoon light.

And so sweet to have a mini adventure/meetup/circle just so spontaneously.

And look around this circle of beautiful faces and just feel love, love, love, love, love.

Also: at one point, the producer had to interrupt and ask us to stop swearing so much because even though that part was going to be without audio, it was super easy to lip-read. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


And then I threw a bunch of paint powder all over myself.

And dance as it fell upon me.


I have to say – there was SO much synchronicity at play during that day too… Asher, the producer, ended up being the son of a wonderful illustration teacher I learned from about a decade ago! And the cameraman was a dear family friend of my video star ring-in Bee. Hilarious connections for a video company we chose at random! It was so connected and so lovely.

19 free magenta hair

I also discovered throwing paint powder at yourself does infact turn your hair pink for weeks afterward.


I’ll do a follow-up post soon on all the logistics of organising something like this… but in the meantime… please go watch!

The day and the video was ridiculous and artsy and beautiful and oh so very fun.

And though it took a huge day and a huge van of props and a huge crew to make it… I think it is worth it!!!!

I am SO very proud of this video… PLEASE go watch it!!!!

Big love,


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