Hi dearests, 

So, last week while running this webinar on getting back on target with your goals in 2016, I made a public promise to share my 2016 goals here… to embody public accountability and encourage all my readers to be “out” of the cupboard with their goals too!

So I went through my workbooks and typed up all my goals, and crossed out any I’ve already completed. There’s lots done, and lots more to do.

I wanted to share as well – I’m not particularly having a Big Goal year. I’ve done a lot over the past eight years… and had some years where I’ve gone ballz-to-the-wall with goals. After so much moving and growing, this year, I’m much more about sweet domesticity and settling. So my goals reflect that. There ain’t no wrong way to do goals! They are really just the structure to help build a life and business you adore… however that looks for you and your family!

So, here we go!


  • Go on a health retreat
  • Increase my immunity
  • Tint van windows
  • Go horse-riding
  • Celebrate solstice
  • Do a large painting
  • Get fans installed
  • Do a picnic by myself
  • Do art date/workshop with Starry @ NGA
  • Get family photographs taken
  • Have BBQ with old work mates
  • Set up Wii and play games
  • Get painting for above bed
  • Have creative side projects (decide on some!!!)
  • Have a solo mama retreat
  • Do a digital illustration course
  • Do a daily creative challenge for 20 days
  • Experiment with Jade Egg
  • Get Lile to teach me knitting
  • Try tie-dying
  • Do some woodwork
  • Take Starry to something sacred
  • Try Tigress Yoga or Yin Yoga
  • Read 52 books (up to 45!)
  • Re-read “What We Say Matters”
  • Read “5 Love Languages For Kids”
  • Finish “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck”
  • Finish “Quiet Power”
  • Finish Bill Bryson’s “Home”
  • Do quarterly personal plans
  • Go to Cockington Green
  • Go on a road trip with Deb
  • Go to Kingston Foreshore or get a Freakshake with family
  • Fix bicycle + go for ride
  • Replace curtains and blinds
  • Get shelves installed in wardrobes
  • Go to a concert or show
  • Read a good money book
  • Pay off mortgage on Property #1
  • Update wills
  • Make our house feel like a home
  • Plant tomatos and beans
  • Create poster for Golden Rules of Success + hang in studio
  • Stop sleeping with iPhone in bedroom
  • Declutter and get boxes to op shop
  • Get phone fixed/get new phone
  • Prune roses before Spring
  • Rearrange house and put bookcase in lounge
  • Order electric blanket
  • Order non-slip rug for long hallway rug
  • Finish Brené Brown e-course
  • Put up Zen Habits poster in my office
  • Have weekly solo mama retreats in bed
  • Get coat racks
  • Watch the seasons change
  • Max out super contributions
  • Quarterly financial planning meetings
  • Work out watering system
  • Fix foot
  • Make a creative nook for myself
  • Discover a new creative passion (planners!)
  • Go to Questacon
  • Go to Balloon Festival
  • Go to NLA exhibition
  • Finish “I’m Off Then”
  • Finish “Something New”
  • Read “Zim Zum of Love”
  • Keep regularly art journalling
  • Go on regular girl dates with Lil
  • Try San Churro
  • Get new king size bed
  • Get new headboard
  • Find a pilates instructor + do pilates weekly
  • Weekly food delivery
  • Beach holiday
  • Get wedding ring re-sized
  • Go to women’s circle
  • Get rugs + carpets professionally cleaned

Christmas Bucket List:

  • Order 2016 Instagram album
  • Come up with advent calendar
  • See the Christmas lights
  • Get family Christmas cards done
  • Write Christmas letter and send cards


Philanthropy & Community

  • Build library through Room To Read (can read about it here!)
  • Sponsor more children (now sponsoring 8!)
  • Sponsor animals (sponsored an elephant, turtle and orangutan)
  • Donate to more land and animal conservations (donated $5000)
  • Make more loans through Kiva (have now made 390 Kiva loans! Woot! So close to 400!)
  • Cook for someone who needs it (gave food delivery vouchers to a grieving family)
  • Donate workbooks and diaries to charities (yay! 70,000 donated!)

Okay, this has been suuuuper fun…

I think I’ll print these all out, stick ’em on my wall… keep them front and centre so I can finish 2016 with a PEW PEW PEW!

Now get sharing your goals… and go make ’em happen, loves!

Your dreams are needed in this world!

Big love,

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