In the two years since I gave birth to Ostara, I haven’t had a place to work.

Crazy, I know.

It’s mostly been me trying to squeeze in time on the couch, on the ipod, or hiding out in the local cafe or Irish pub.

Six months ago, I rescued + renovated a dilapidated caravan – but it still wasn’t suitable. WAY too hot to possibly work in tropical paradise (even with an industrial fan) and it wasn’t a place I could set up my computers + stuff permanently.

And I’ve kept talking about getting an office. Over and over.

And then we decided to build an extension on the house, and started getting plans drawn up… knowing it would still take months to happen.

And then we decided we would be moving to Cairns within a few months, and need my biz to be really firing on all cylinders in order to do it. And I need to not go bonkers or burn out when I do it.

And I snapped.

I need support. I need a space to work. I need quietness, solitude, coolness, peace. I need a place of my own. I need an OFFICE, goshdarnnit!

At the same time, I’ve been learning huge soul lessons about what I DESERVE and NEED. I’ve been so resistant to knowing or voicing or claiming my needs and deserves. I’ve been all “OH I’M COOL WHEREVER I GO! I DON’T NEED MUCH!”

Consequently, I get drained, because everything needs to be generated from MY energy… instead of being supported from the outside.

And one of my business coaches pulled me up about it. She said:

Leonie, you own a six figure a year business. What the HECK are you doing without an office to yourself? An appropriate place to work? A place that actually supports you and takes care of your basic needs?

And I was all:

Ummmm. That’s a really good question?

So this was a major insight for me:

I deserve COMFORT and SPACIOUSNESS and SUPPORT in my business.

So, finally, at last, I marched over the paddock to the real estate agent. And said “I just need a quiet space to work! On this block! For cheap! Just for a few months before we move!”

And the guy said “I’ve got one just for you.”

And there it was.

My office.

One I can see from my back door (!!!!)


Airconditioned! Quiet! Perfect! Clean!

Every support dream come true.

And here’s the hilarious thing…

I’ve stood at my back door SO often, wishing for an office.

And now I finally notice…

there was a sign.

Not just an ephemeral sign from the universe.

But a real, live, honest-to-goodness, massive SIGN.

With the words

OFFICE and a big ARROW pointing at it.

All that time I was whining and pining for an office?

The Universe had a LITERAL FLIPPING SIGN there, pointing at it, with a big ole “OFFICE” sign.


I wish it had been more obvious, really.

{this is my support corner on my desk. a photo i’ve always adored of me + my dream come true lover. a lori portka print. my favourite crystals}

a very happy Leonie

P.S. It only took me 18 months to see it.

That’s not too long, right?

Also: I wish it had been more obvious.