Dearest Mermaid Daughter #1,

On this, the time of resurrection, of miracles, and easter, and rabbits and possibility…

my heart + spirit travels back to those days, two years ago,

when you came into the world…

In many ways, I’ve felt like I’ve been reliving the birth of you, remembering how my body and soul felt. I know so many mamas experience the same thing.

It’s been two years

since you chose

me and your daddy to be your parents

and made your way out of the skies

into my womb.

I remember the day so clearly.

How courageous I needed to be.

How I felt like there were thousands

around us, praying for us,

lighting the way for your safe arrival.

We are changed, and our whole world is born anew

because of you

and we couldn’t be more blessed, grateful or happy.

You have been our greatest teacher ::

making us stronger, clearer + more of who we are.

I can’t even enunciate the words ::

how bright, funny, alight you are.

Mermaid Daughter #1 really is your true name, baby girl,

because you are pure light, starbright,

the biggest burst we have ever known.

Thank you for choosing us to share the journey

our strong, shining owl baby daughter.

Thank you for being exactly who you are.

You are absolutely everything I ever dreamed of… the daughter I have known I would have since time began. I would choose you, over and over again.

We pray + hope + cultivate everything we have inside us to make this the most wonderful life for you yet.


Mama & Daddy


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