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Hola petunias!

We have a brand new course for our Academy Members that was recorded at the Shining Academy Retreat in Canberra this past February.

It’s run by an incredible guest teacher as well… the incredible Denise Duffield-Thomas!!!

Denise – also known as Lucky Bitch – is one of the best teacher’s in the world on Law of Attraction, money, manifesting, and women’s blocks to money. Her books are beyond fabulous, and her teaching is revolutionary, practical, grounded & kind. And powerful. Did I mention that? Fucking POWERFUL.


Me & Denise back in the day… four years ago!

There are plenty of teachers out there on money and manifesting. And honestly – the longer I’ve been in this industry – the more I’ve been aghast at how many of those teachers do NOT walk their talk… how they teach about abundance, and look like they have it all together, but behind the scenes they are running lifestyles they can’t financially maintain, are crippled by credit card debt and often close to bankruptcy. I KNOW! I KNOW! BLOODY HECK HEY!

So I’m seriously reluctant to talk about any money coaches unless I KNOW they walk their talk and operates in the highest integrity. And this one does, above and beyond. I’ve known her for four years now – she came and stayed with me to attend one of my private coaching retreats in 2012, and we have become close friends & mastermind sisters ever since.


Me, Beffy, Dr Kate, Beffy’s pregnancy twin Willsy & DDT. Yes, we held a conception competition to see who could get inseminated the fastest. Yes, DDT won. By a week. Champion!

I’ve been in awe of her – again and again – about how impeccable DDT is with her words and her actions. She works on her own stuff constantly. She is incredibly disciplined. She has created a sustainable million dollar company with high profits.

This woman knows what she is talking about. It is an honour to call her my friend and my work associate.

Whenever I have money blocks or upper limit problems, I turn to Denise’s work over and over again.

It works.

When it came to planning the Shining Academy Conference, there were two people I KNEW I had to have teaching there – Denise & Kerry Rowett, my favourite kinesiologist. I was beyond honoured when both of them said YES! and flew in from around Australia to be there!

Their workshops were both spectacular, and I’m SO excited that we now have them in posterity as video recordings, audio recordings, transcripts & slides in the Academy.


In this one hour live video workshop Denise will teach you:

How to attract more abundance into your life in 2016

How to remove money blocks from your mindset

The habits of the rich

And the essential mindset secrets you need to create more success in your life.

If you’re an Academy member, join us over here! Not a member of the Shining Academy yet? Gain access to 70+ courses now!

Oh! And a fantastic announcement…

Keep your eyes peeled for our about-to-be-released entire Shining Academy Retreat recording!

Don’t miss it – sign up here!

What Others Are Saying…

“Sustainable”.. soooo important. I’ve been thinking about that lately as I’ve seeing some big launches and worn out entrepreneurs and wondered how sustainable their model is. I want to build sustainable. Looking forward to my next hour!” ~Natalie

“Love this and looking forward to more from the conference!!!” ~Nancy

“So happy to have seen Denise deliver this presentation live at the retreat and an opportunity to meet both you and Denise in person. Absolutely worth every penny and more to make the trip from Scotland to see you, but this bonus was out of this world!

There were so many lightbulb moments. The sense of connection you get with a speaker seeing them live is immensely powerful!

Hearing it again on the replay, Denise’s message has sunk in on an even deeper level. A whole new set of lightbulbs went off. Could listen to this again & again and get tonnes of value out of it each time.” ~Fiona

“Great insights and lots of notes to implement.” ~Karina

Big love,


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