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Hola gorgeous goddesses,

Guess what? We’ve just added course #112 to our Shining Biz & Life Academy!

The Academy is truly the place to be for all of your biz, life, soul and creativity needs. Are you a member? If not, what are you waiting for?!

Discover how to get your book published by international publishing sensation (and fellow Academy member) Cheralyn Darcey!


You’ll learn:

  • Cheralyn’s extraordinary publishing “overnight” success story
  • Advice for getting your book published
  • What to do if your book idea is rejected (and why that can be a good thing!)
  • How to keep going when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere
  • How to interact on social media for the best results (+ keep your sanity!)

Get inspired by an overnight publishing success story who is sharing her publishing tips and wisdom for you all!

Listen to Cheralyn + Leonie talk all things publishing, books, media + money now and download the companion Publishing Success checklist!

If you’re an Academy member, join us over here!

Not a member of the Shining Academy yet? No problem, but you are missing out on these fabulous member perks…

  • 100+ courses
  • Free workbook collection delivered to your door
  • Access to a mastermind of thousands of spirited, creative business women to brainstorm with
  • Monthly coaching calls with Leonie (the only way to get coaching from her)
  • Shining Discount Centre ($2000+ of savings)
  • New workshops (Boundaries Bootcamp, Everyday Sex Goddess & The Anxiety Workshop)

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“It was awesome really really brilliant! Thank you Cheralyn Darcey for your amazing wisdom on all subjects you talked about – and so so needed for me at this time! You’ve really re-lit my passion and shown me a way through so thank you!!” ~ Sally

“Oh fantastic Cheralyn & good call Leonie! Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom!” ~ Fiona

Well, that’s it for now lovebugs! We’ll be having more new Academy courses coming your way each and every month! Join today if you aren’t already a member!

Huge love + appreciation,

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