Hi kittens,

The last few weeks: I went to the beach and I cut off my hair and I had a writing retreat with my editor Tam.

9 much needed holiday 10 beach mode 1 beth hair 2 chris reading 12 beach

we went to the beach
and she taught us all she knew
all the things we had known
all along.

3 beach holiday

Our beach holiday had been just what the doctor ordered…

And our hearts were also glad to be heading back to our alpine home.

4 fairy garden

Back home and in the fairy garden. Content.

5 papa bear

Who needs one of those hairdressing head dolls when you have a Papa Bear who is quite content to let it all play out on his thick tresses?

6 school in ghana

This might not look like a special photo – but it is. It’s the six room school built in Ghana, West Africa that me and a few friends paid for. Now those beautiful children have a safe, dry, cool, protected place to learn in… because education is everything.

It’s because of your workbook purchases and Academy memberships that we can do magical things like this. So thank you… thank you for choosing a company that is committed to changing the world.

7 family adventure 9 beth coke

Was totes going to share a super hippy natural parenting photo of our new fairy garden. But Beth photo bombed it with my Macca’s Coke dregs she stole from the kitchen bench. #reallife #realparenting #Macdonaldsistotallyorganic

8 leonie hair cut

I saw a friend the other day and she kept trying to help my hair not stick up and wave around like it was its own life form. I laughed at her folly, and told her I was basically Medusa but less snake-y. My hair is its own sentient being and I love it.

10 womens circle

“Mama, where did you get your necklace from?” “I received it as a gift from the bleeding basket at women’s circle. Remember we’ve made gifts for the basket before to honour women who are on their bleeding cycle?” “Oh yes! I loved doing that! Can we do some more? How exciting Mama! You must be very happy. It is so lovely!”

I’m so glad I get to raise my daughter knowing about red tent wisdom. I’m so excited that I’ll be able to take my daughters there one day… That they will know what it is to come home in women’s circle, speak vulnerably, be heard unconditionally and celebrate their womanhood. When women circle, magic happens.

11 gnomes on the roam

Oh what a cool idea!!! Just got sent this creation from one of my Academy members – she’s done a beautiful job with these! Can’t wait to play it with the kids. Congratulations @gnomesontheroam !!!


1 russian twin

My non-biological Russian twin is here. Guess which one is me and which one is Tam my editor ??? Hahahahahaaaa!!!

2 tam weighted blanket

Introducing Tam to the joys of a weighted blanket and British TV.

3 electric blanket

It was a big week, and I was flagging by lunchtime. So I popped my electric blanket on to heat up my blankets, jumped in after 10 minutes, and Beth covered me with soft toys. It’s basically a spa treatment!

4 pokeman

When you pop to the local store for milk & bread but get distracted chasing Pokemon and end up trekking the mountains for an hour. Woops. #sorryhusband

5 confucius say

Confucius say: When too cold outside, warm your bed with electric blankets and snuggle. #wisewisdom #ancientchinesemantra

Big love,


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