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Hola gorgeous hearts,


Are ya’ll ready for this?

Pump up the jam, pump it up, while your feet are stompin’…

Damn good song. Gosh I miss the 90’s.


That was totally off track because guesssss whatttttt?

The Leonie has a deliciously delirious delightful gifty for you today!

This one has come muchos requested… a LEONIE COLOURING BOOK FOR GROWN UPS! (Your kidliwinks can use too of course ;))

One to inspire your creative spirit and invoke your soul.



The illustrations are all handdrawn from my popular Soul Story Collection. I started making these a zillion years ago… goddesses with messages. I ended up selling them as prints and custom commissions. I still remember one Christmas season when I’d go home from parties early and stay up until midnight just to complete orders! Such fun times!

I ended up getting too busy with other business projects to keep filling orders…

But I do so love seeing them go out into the world.

So WA-LA! An Inspire Your Spirit colouring book! FREE! For you!

You can paint ’em, colour ’em with crayons to delight your inner four year old, art journal them, turn them into posters or postcards or gifts.

Do ’em with your kids, or your inner kid. Do ’em in your lunch hour. Give yourself some delicious food for the soul.

Does Leonie care what you do with ’em? Nope.

As long as you have some gorgeous fun with them!

(Oh and if you’re a busy business woman and you think “I GOTS NOT TIME FO DAT”… think again. A rich life and thriving creative life does bloody wonders for your bottom line! More on that here & here.)

What the frick are you waiting for? Download & delight away!

All my love,


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