Hola gorgeous hearts,

We’re all a swirl around here putting the finishing touches on the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year in Life and Biz workbooks, planners + calendars. I can’t wait to share them with you!

In the meantime, in the spirit of all things thanks + gratitude, I wanted to alert you to ALL the gorgeous FREE goodies I’ve got available for you!

Make sure you peruse these babies and USE them… they are bloody useful + glorious (even if I do say so myself!!!!)

Starting with…


A 21-day gratitude journal for you to jot in & muse about the abundance in your own life… the best attitude to have is an attitude of gratitude!

Instant Uplift meditation!

One rainy glorious day, a little meditation for healing came into the world.

And it had gossamer wings, and it wanted to fly out to be heard.

So I listened, and here it is… just for you.

Use it whenever you’re feeling depleted, or in need of some revitalisation.

Click here to download

The Project Finisher: A Cowgirl’s Guide to Riding Wild Donkeys ebook

Discover my secret to producing and creating effortlessly, easily + with ridunkulous amounts of joy… How to get your projects finished + out into the world in record time
How to transform your biz + creative practice with this simple, powerful technique… The secret to making your ideas into real, finished, tangible creations that can touch the world + give you gorgeous income!

What Your Angels Want You To Know ebook

The angels came a-tapping upon my shoulder… & so I made a book with them, and helped by a number of incredible, brave, beautiful women I’ve photographed over the past six years. It is for you!!

How To Beat Discouragement video workshop

Seven and a half minutes of the most powerful tools I know and use to kick Days of Discouragement off the docks so we can get back to being the glitter-winged angels we are. Flying high!

How To Be A Morning Goddess ebook

20 goddesses share their own morning rituals, to inspire you & give you ideas for creating, nurturing & loving your own morning goddess self!

Poster: 12 Daily Zen Habits

I’ve sprouted on and on before here and here about how much I adore Leo Babauta‘s work. Last night I was clearing through my piles of stuff and found a lined piece of paper that I refer to everyday – with his zen habits scrawled on them.

Poster: How to be a Goddess

A little super-special giveaway… a free “How to be a Goddess” poster you can download and print! I so hope it fills you with radiance and joy… and reminds you just what a Goddess you are!


Needing a quick boost of inspiration to live more creatively + juicily?You’ll also watch one of my art journal pages emerge as I play in the sun, dance like nobody’s watching + commandeer an empty children’s park.Click here to watch.





And I’m sooooo glad ya’ll loved the gifty last week of the “Inspire My Spirit” colouring book.

I adored seeing all your photos as you had your own special artist dates and creative kids dates with it!


If you haven’t got your own copy yet, grab it here and make a date with it. I promise it will leave you feeling lighter, inspired + more creative!

Have a magical, magical week dearests…

and enjoy all the glorious resources designed to make you feel shinier, lighter + brighter!

love and bright light,

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