Hola gorgeous Goddesses!


I have this big glorious wild dream.

This vision, this possibility… of women becoming full time Goddess Ambassadors

of making all the abundance they need from helping other women find what they need.

Already, over $16 000 has been sent out to Goddess Ambassadors. That’s a whole lot of joyful abundance!

And here’s to a million more…

I have a Goddess Ambassador program so I can share the abundance back, so I can say a big ginormous THANK YOU to every goddess who believes in me & wants to share my work along.


Want to help spread my work into the world

and make moolah from it?



For more information & to sign up as a Goddess Ambassador, click HERE.


In gorgeous shining love + wild lush abundance!


P.S. The system is all brand spanking sparkling shiny NEW to make it as easy as possible for you… so if you’ve been a Goddess Ambassador before, you’ll need to resign up to make moolah & have access to our amazing new Ambassador Centre for Blooming!