Hola gorgeous goddesses!


Let’s make this Christmas season filled with all the good things in life:

delicious food
homemade delights


Here’s 5 ideas to get your creative juices flowing…


Dress your Christmas tree with loads of gorgeous, unique, creative accessories. Try out this post of 7 Creative Christmas Tree Decorations I did a couple of years ago!


If you did the 2011 Creating your Goddess Year workbook + planner, go back through it. See what happened, see what didn’t. And make a painted to do list of gorgeous things you can make happen before the clock strikes 2012! My mission is going gorgeously, by ze way! 4 down, 2 to go!


Decorate your own stockings… keep it simple, fun & doable! (Here’s when I did ours… and I LOVE that we have used them every year since… and that I’m sitting under them to type this! I LOVE that Ostara’s was made when I was pregnant with her… and it simply says “Merbaby”)

Why not try a totally new recipe & include some radiantly raw foods into your December? This is my favourite Rainbow Salad recipe which comes from the Radiant Goddess e-coursemenu plan! (For those who’ve been asking, a round of the Radiant Goddess e-course is starting in the Goddess Circle on January 1 for goddesses who want to start the new year with a gorgeous, revitalising body + soul cleanse.)


Why don’t you give presents with heart this year? What about handmade wax angel paintings?


Make miracles + magic wherever you go dearest heart! Let’s have a gorgeous Creative Christmas!

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