Pooky bears,


I’ve gotten fascinated by… interior design.

Real talk: I’ve never really “gotten” home design. It just didn’t make sense to my brain. I found home design blogs both boring and also like inspecting an alien lifestyle in a galaxy far away. Plus the whole beige on eggshell on cream minimalism is wildly fucking dull to me.

My rudimentary understanding of home design was: take all your shit. Put it in a house. Move shit around. Hang shit on walls. WAAAA LAHHHHHHHHHH HOME DESIGNED.

Then a few things things happened:

1 :: A dream home design

I used Noosa Valley Manor B&B as a shoot location for my big business photoshoot.

And the owners Renate & Roberto have such an incredible designer’s eye, and their home is a work of ART. None of this beige minimalism bullshit. It’s maximalist + colourful + wild + magical. It made me fall in love with home design & the possibilities of making shit so magical.

2 :: I got addicted to an app

Remember that time I spent a day in emergency with my eldest?

She showed me an app she likes to play with sometimes – Redecor.

It comes with a variety of rooms that you can design with wall treatments, art, textiles, pillows and more.

I rapidly became a creative obsession for me for a few weeks. Suddenly I realised what interior design was… a combination of elements, like a giant 3d collage! Before it seemed kind of incomprehensible, but now I got how the layering worked to create an overall picture.

I actually understood what home design blogs were about now! E N L I G H T E N M E N T.

3 :: I found some glorious colourful, maximalist home design blogs to follow

There’s a lot of home design blogs out there that are white on white minimalist hipster and it isn’t inspiring to me WHATSOFUCKINGEVER. But give me some colourful, kooky home-making bitchez and I am HAPPPYYYYYY as a pig in shit.

Here’s my current home blog crushes:

4 :: But what will I DO with all this inspiration?

I’ve already started writing a long list of things I want to do around our home to make it more “us.”

Currently, our house is very… cream. Cream walls. Cream tiles. Cream trims. Cream fucking everything. With the occasional ZANY burst of… grey-brown. Incase you’re wondering what paint colour it is so you can run out and paint the entirety of your home the exact same colour, it’s called DEPRESSION PEE BEIGE and it’s by a company called WHITE WOMAN DESPAIR.

Before you ask me WHY I painted my house this colour, let me shush you gently upon the lips and say I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER EWWW. It came like this. And we moved in without doing any renovating because we were impatient, and then we got here and we got tired and sometimes painting and renovating where you live is a terrible, terrible idea.

Anyways, I got a piece of decorating advice from Renate that I keep thinking about.

She said:

Just give it a go, try something and see if it works. And if it doesn’t, just paint over it!

It’s very liberating to think about it that way.

So here’s what I’m thinking about to get started:

Clearly I’ll NEVER be a home design blogger. It would require too much cleaning up, firstly! Ha! BEHOLD MY DISASTER ZONE OF A KITCHEN! FUCK THE DISHES, I WANT TO PAINT ALREADY!

I’ve begun by painting the back of our kitchen island a bright turquoise blue. It was a despicable greige called UGH WHY DO I EVEN EXIST. I painted it with chalk paint, which in retrospect wasn’t a tops idea, but it’s what I had laying around the house. I think I might end up painting the end a darker blue in low sheen just to offset it.

The cupboards + quartz are white thank goodness. So that just leaves the walls and the tiles “SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU CREAM”. Maybe cover the tiles with hybrid flooring? And just slowly chip away at painting the walls in vivid white? We’ll see.

I feel like there’s SO MUCH to do in this house before it even begins to resemble the vision I have in my head… but I have to remember I have years to do it… and to enjoy the creative process of it unfolding.

Anyways, boo boos, that’s what I’m thinking.

If you’ve got favourite home decor blogs or books, I’d love to hear them!

Big hugs, bright colours and FUCK CREAM SERIOUSLY FUCK IT SOOO MUCH,


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