Treasures, I’m thrilled to share with you some exciting news… I’ve launched my own podcast! I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast for a long while, but I kept getting stuck. I kept comparing myself and what I thought a podcast should be. And I kept coming up short. Here’s what I realised.

I didn’t want to:

  • be super polished or read from a script
  • only talk about one topic… I want to talk about fucking EVERYTHING!
  • plan everything and be strategic or scheduled
  • be clever with sponsored deals… the whole idea gives me a headache
  • censor how I speak
  • have a perfectly timed podcast with seasons and episodes
  • be anything but what I am!

What I did want:

  • to play and explore and try and have fun
  • to feel like we’re sitting down with a big cup of herbal tea together
  • to talk the way I actually speak: with florid swearing and TMI!
  • to be creative 
  • to feel deep freedom.

What I do want to talk about:

  • ALL the things! Life, soul, creativity, business, marketing, family and everything in between. I don’t want to choose! I want to share whatever is in my heart! And that will change from week to week!
  • Sometimes I might interview people I find deeply fascinating. I already have three people top of mind I want to share with you: a support worker for disadvantaged kids, a searingly honest author and a gay Mormon.
  • Sometimes I might even answer your questions. Who knows! Let’s see where this wild creative side project will take us!

And so I joyfully introduce you to…

Leonie Dawson Refuses To Be Categorised. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yep. That’s exactly what I have named this baby. Because it makes me laff and laff and laff. And: fuck it all. I’m here to be ALL OF ME. Wild and creative and free. This podcast is an extension of that.

When will it be released?

Whenever the fuck I feel called! I don’t want to be beholden to any damn schedule! Having said that, I’ve created 4 episodes in one week. LOLZ! It might be weekly, it might be monthly, it might be sporadic AF.

Explicit AF

Just to reiterate: this is one sweary motherfucker of a podcast. So if you listen to it around kids… they will defo learn some new vocabulary from Aunty Leonie. MWHAHAHAHA. ENJOYYYYY!

How to listen

Listen below, or subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, PocketCast (or wherever else you listen to podcasts!)

Thanks for coming on this new wild creative side project…

Let’s have so much fun together! Big love,