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If you looked at shiningacademy.com or at Leonie’s many drawings and downloads, it’s possible you could come away with the idea the the Shining Academy is a drawing school for fairy godmothers, or at least the playground for a madwoman with a really nice set of colouring pencils. Perhaps the addition of biz and life words might cause you to think about learning to draw whimsical images of copiers, standing desks, and laundry baskets. None of this is true.

Sometimes, people mistake the beautiful, creative, hippie-looking (I can say that, I used those clear-rock-deodorants until I was fired from a job for offensive body odour) illustrations and stylings for a statement on the nature of the content of the Shining Biz and Life Academy. Or that perhaps this is really best for people who run fluffy, creative businesses that use metaphoric lentils to measure their profitability. None of this is true, either.

The Shining Biz and Life Academy offers step-by-step business training using proven methods that work. You don’t even need to own art supplies to put these principles into practice.

I can assure you that Leonie measures profits in dollars and systems by success.

Art is her gift – beautiful illustrations, drenched in lively and intense colors, usually hand-drawn and scanned. This is Leonie working her craft, but it doesn’t make artistic capability a requirement for getting great results in your own business from the Academy materials. Why not use beauty where it is available? It does certainly make moving around the place much more visually appealing. And that’s something everyone can get behind.

I’m speaking from personal experience here.

I’m not particularly in Leonie’s target market – for one, I lack ovaries. When I first met Leonie, she started coaching me in my own company. (Who does this?) If you’ve met Leonie in real life, you’ll know she does this with everyone she meets. You can’t turn off her bossy coaching nature anymore than you can turn off her annoying effervescent personality. She asks questions that are blazingly direct, and knuckles down right into the core of your business and what needs to change in order for it to survive and grow.

And honestly – when I first came into her rotation – I thought I knew her ‘kind’.

You know, internet-marketing types. A part of me thought she couldn’t possibly create the levels of success she has. (I really pressed her buttons once by calling her personality her “shtick”. Good thing Skype doesn’t have a feature that will box your ears… I might have been in physical danger a continent away.) A jaded part of me thought it was a fluke, or a fallacy. Over the last year though, as I’ve worked more and more with her, seen more and more into her business and into how her business brain works, I see how her success has been created intentionally, with good old fashioned strategy and business insight (and hard work).

I’ve worked with many, many business owners as an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, and in my background in tech, banking, non-profits and sales.

Leonie knows what she is talking about in business and marketing. I can’t say the same for many I’ve seen the innards of the business of. She is numbers, data, strategy and insight, all wrapped in a heart-centered, do-good business ethic (I’ve already spoken about her compassion and intensity here.) After several months of incessant head-hunting, I decided to throw my lot in with her full-time. It has been magical (well, except for this bit here and here). I share those also because you need to know – this is a real business, wrestling with real challenges, inside and out, and committed to adding real value in the world, not just harvesting dollars by selling a dream.

Bottom-line – the Shining Biz and Life Academy is a set of serious training tools for any kind of business. We aren’t interested in just helping one kind of business. We are in support of people finding the training and support they need to be successful at their passion and we happen to believe that the Academy is the best deal around for course content, the MasterMind, and consistent behind-the-scenes access to our team, our strategies, and our insights. You could say, the beauty is free – you’re welcome 😉

And we aren’t sitting still.

We’re making more content, and, surveying every member after they’ve finished a course to understand how it helped them and what we can do better. That feedback is analyzed monthly and we’re incorporating what we’re see there into upgrades, new content, and improvements. We see ourselves as servants to this great mission – The Shining Biz and Life Academynot just for artists, designers, and wild-haired types  passionate people who long to make a difference in the world through business. Our passion is supporting yours.

If this is you, make sure you check out our current promotion. In September, the Shining Biz & Life Academy is more affordable than ever.

Now – let’s be realistic for a second – online training has limitations, right?

I mean, for that matter, so does a MasterMind group. And Ask-Me-Anythings with a skilled, committed team, those are limited too. How do I mean? All these resources require effort to use them. We can’t do it for you. We are like midwives for your dream (okay, I know male-midwives are rare, just stay with me here). We do our best to provide the tools, support, and training that will help you be successful, but it’s your dream, it’s your baby, and you have to be passionately committed to doing the work. This is one of my favorite quotes:

“The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs.” ~Vance Havner

If you’re ready to start stepping of the stairs of your vision, we’re ready to help!

I hope to see you around the Shining Biz and Life Academy!

Enjoy the journey,


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