Hola my darlingheart,

Warning: This post contains an abundance of Mermaid Daughter photos.

If you have an aversion to holy dinkin’ adorable bebe pictures, please skip away merrily now.

hee hee!

I’m too excited by things right now to write a long, coherent post.

So many things happening that all I can manage right now is these little jetpacks + snippets of all the things that’s dancing in my spirit.

Is that groovy with you?

Thank you for understanding, possum pie.


I feel like I’m excited by things again. Like things are lining up with magic + synchronicity. Like I’m learning again.

Reading “Through Different Eyes” by Kachina Ma’an + Ammanna Tsie. Really, really getting about following spirit + intuition now. (If you are feeling called to grabbing a copy, email my friend Akiah to grab one. I’ve hunted all over ze interwebs to try + find a supplier, Akiah is it.)

Reading The Sparkling Martins blog on Radical Unschooling + Unconditionally Loving Parenting.

I feel like I did when I first read “The Celestine Prophecy” twelve years ago.

Like a student of life + Great Spirit again, being guided along the right way.

The feeling is utterly scrumptious.


Small things that feels like we’re on the right track:

I’ve been wanting to get a plain, simple gold engagement/wedding ring. My beautiful opal mermaid engagement ring is just too delicate for everyday mama-wearing.

Then my sissy finds my grandmother’s wedding ring. And it’s just perfect. Exactly what I was dreaming of.

Living in my grandmother’s house, wearing her ring.

Considering she is the most magical, radtastic, sassy, loving + hot legged 94 year old ever, I feel pretty ding dang honoured to be the new owner of these treasures…


Our books seem to have propagated while boxed away, and we now have double the amount we used to. Our two big blue + purple bookcases have no hope of containing them all, so yesterday we walked around to all the op shops in town looking for antique bookcases. Living in a little old town has its ginormous benefits – one of them being that it’s really easy to find old wooden furniture. You should see my new dresser! I’m IN LOVE. (Photos to come soon! I keep saying that, but tis true! Let me deboxify ze home first, and then we shall do house unveiling post! Yippeee!)

Anywaysies, there was not one bookcase in sight.

We decided we’d have to drive down to the beach instead + submit ourselves to getting a chipboard one from Big W. I was kinda sighing over that one – I really love being in this old, wooden cottage and want old, wooden furniture to love up… not bland, machinery-made stuff.

Then this morning, just before we were about to leave for the beach, my sweet mama calls. She’d heard through the family grapevine about our bookcase search, and had an antique wooden buffet waiting for us at the farmhouse to use as a bookcase instead.


Happpppy days!

Exactly what I wanted. With love + ease.


My little Starlight is asleep. My love is reading Carlos Castaneda.

Tomorrow morning we are driving out to the farm, and walking Crystalbrook Retreat together with my mama + sister.

Mermaid Daughter in my Ergo carrier. Feet walking the earth. Finding all the energy vortexes. Listening to the earth spirits to hear what needs to happen.

Happy, happy, happy.


I’m in love with our new-old house. Have I said that already?

I utterly am.

It takes me a little by surprise. I’m not used to being in a home that delights me so much, and that fills me with such love + joy.

Does that sound odd?

The thing is – our home in Canberra – we lived there for eight years.

And I really do believe we were supposed to live there, for so many reasons.

But I was never in love with it.

It just felt like a shell to contain the joy. An adventurer’s place to stay.

But here?

I walk around this funny, misshapen shaped old cottage, with its layers of extensions, creaky floors, ten foot timber walls and the old fireplace holding our fridge… and I just grin. It’s adorable. Lovely. Precious. Homely.

I’m in love.


(I heart my smile-wrinkles. I shall call them sminkles!)

My love looks five years younger already.

I feel five years younger, but older + wiser too.

Can I just admit how big this year has been? A little bit hard?

There was big annoying yucky things at the start of this year. And then I got panic attacks again in final stages of pregnancy. And then I gave birth + became a mama for ze first time. {And it was a miracle + a blessing but also full on + hard}. And then we decided to move, Chris went back to work, I became a SAHM in a freezing cold city with no family, and we spent three months getting our house ready for market + sold.

If the last six months were a dinosaur, it would be called a Bonkersaurus.

But now we are here.

At last.

And it’s such a relief.

We don’t have to push anymore.

We are surrounded by support and love.

We are together.

We are where we want to be.

We’re not stuck in lives that don’t fit anymore.

And we’re breathing the coastal air, and everything is fine and good,

and there’s nothing to push for… just letting life unravel and flow.

I can see it in my love’s face. I can feel it in me.

If right now was a dinosaur, it would be called a Gladasaurus.

The End.


Goddess Reminder: Stay in your own energy. Know when you’re in your own energy & when you are in someone else’s. How can you tell? It always feels good, strong + clear to be in your own energy. You’ll feel like you are a foot off your path when you are in someone else’s.
And how do you get back to being in your own?
Remember where you want to go + who you want to be, and point your energy in that direction.
It never fails.
I love you + believe in you.

big love, bigger than the sky + the fields + everything in between,

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