Hola my precious hearts!

So I’ve been a super-slacker on ze answering of Ask Goddess Leonie questions… but I’m determined to make it up to you! A megasaurus answering of Goddess questions. Yippee!

I’m a wee bit tired and it’s only 7:55pm. I’m a bit sun-bronzed from walking around Crystalbrook Retreat today… Starry in Ergo carrier, hunky love, sissy + parents. I wanted to see if we could find some energy ley lines. Didn’t find any this walk, but did find a little outcrop of rock people which were lovely to hang out with. Yippee! Leonie is a certified hippy!

But yus… a little eye-blinkish. Can someone please pass a mug of something envigorating to open my eyes?

Let’s answer some questions!

If you’ve got answers to any of ze below, please join in at the Comments Circle. And if you have any more questionos, ask away! I’ll do my best to answer…

How do you find a spiritual mentor?

Good question.

Three points for Leonie to make.

First: I think they come to you. Which is kind of annoying when you are looking for one.

Second: You can look. A good place to start is healers, intuitives, psychics + teachers in new age-y fields you are called to (like yoga). I can recommend Akiah, Ann, Fabeku, Brenton, Hiro, Lucy and Tanishka.

Third: I believe in paying for mentors. Payment is an energy exchange which honours your teacher, and helps them to fulfill their purpose in the world.

There can sometimes be a stigma that spiritual people shouldn’t charge for their services – they should be as accessible as monks or nuns. But monks + nuns were paid – they were given food + accommodation + all their needs were met.

There’s no way in the world I could do what I do without being paid. It is an honour and a joy for me to pay and give money to my mentors + the people who help me on my spiritual path… what I receive back is worth the value x 10.

What if you don’t feel like you belong in the place you were born?

There is a place for you in this world.

Feel with your heart where it may be.

Even try using a crystal pendulum over a map to see where it may be.

Don’t worry.

It is coming, in sweet time.

It will be worth the wait.

For now, be happy, and heal, and know that all is well and all will be well.

You are where you are right now for a very important reason.

When it is time to move, you will now, and then it will be time to be elsewhere.

It’s all good.

I would really love to get into meditation. Where do I begin? Are there any books you can recommend? CDs? I am slightly overwhelmed by the amount of choice there seems to be!

Check out my Lazy Person’s Guide to Meditation.

Try my free meditation.

Try some of my other meditations.

Find something that works for you + sings to your beautiful spirit + go with that.

I’ve been a writer for 23 years—a freelance writer for 13—so I have a certain amount of discipline and practice around writing. But now I’m trying to write a book and can’t seem to make myself do it! It’s not “writer’s block”…. I have a detailed outline and the book is essentially written in my head. But I’m avoiding doing the writing, even though my freelance business is slow and I have the time.

Is it fear of change? Is it a sign that I’m not pursuing the right thing? Or is it normal? And how do I move beyond this phase so I can live my dreams of being an inspirational writer?

This question was asked ages ago. I’m feeling like something might have shifted by now + it might not be the same case anymore.

Goddess who asked, how are you going with this?

Where do you go to find your Gems of Joy and other inspiration when a WTF week happens. Recently it seems like every week has been a kick in the teeth (mad transition times do that) and I want to work on building up a strong joyful self that doesn’t get knocked down every time this happens I was wondering if you had any wisdom for me.

Here’s my surefire things that help when things suck:

1. Go outside + get a nature healing. Don’t want to sound like a nampy-pampy butterfly-loving hippy here… but SERIOUSLY. Nature is the bestest ever healer I’ve ever met. Get barefoot!

2. Listen to the elders. They always say: Well, not much use worrying over that. This will pass. Let’s have a cup of tea. That’s what my nans say. They’ve been through it all + seen it all already. Everything will be okay.

3. Know you can choose your feelings. Joy is an option. Gratitude is a possibility. Love is all around you.

4. If there is not at least one thing in your life that you love, change it!

So, my question is: Have you always been so free and happy and known that you were a goddess? Or, if not, at what point in your life did it kind of click for you?

I’m still learning + remembering every day that I’m a goddess.

I’m just like you.

I need a t-shirt that says WWTGIMD? (What Would The Goddess Inside Me Do?)

It’s so beautiful that I get to keep learning + remembering over + over again what the real truth of life is (i.e. that everything is awesome! and beautiful! and divine!)

I forget. But then I remember again + it gets even more scrumptious.

How do you prioritize your days, months, years? How, when you are swimming with ideas, have desires to learn about and explore new people places and things. How do you do fuel your passions, and still try to balance work, family, friends, relationship, nutrition, exercise, feeding you spirit. How do you do so much and still remain grounded and clear?

Things have changed a bucket load since becoming a mama.

But I guess the essence is still the same.

I make sure that I am not all input with no output. Does that make sense?

It can be really ding dang easy to get caught up reading what other people are doing + being inspired by them… and forgetting to create your own miracles.


Write to-do lists. Plan it out. In your diary, make sure you don’t just include errands + appointments but actionable stuff that makes your dreams come true. And get it DONE.

I also find it super handy to have an accountability group. (So much so that I’m setting up one as part of the Goddess Circle as well. Because goals spoken outloud in groups are goals that get serious energy put into them! Yay!)

As far as being grounded goes: Burnout sucks. I’ll do whatever I can to not hit burnout. I’ve learned this after hitting Burnout City too much. I have basic self-care things that are in my diary for me to do everyday. Multivitamins, green smoothies + superfoods (chia, spirulina + maca) are staples. I cuddle my love everyday. I make sure we are emotionally connected. I’m always trying out different ways to make my life more balanced. It’s an evolving journey, and it’s exciting.

P.S. Don’t beat yourself up over not getting balance perfect. It’s a constantly evolving thang, ya know?

I was wondering what your ideas were on a few subjects; things like synchronicities (do they really mean anything or are they just coincidences?), dreamwork (our higher selves or the Universe trying to tell us something or just indigestion?), and soulmates (crazy idea and wishful thinking or do we each truly have that one, amazing, authentic love out there?).

Synchronicities: I totally believe in them. I think they are a sign that you are on the right path. Like little glimpses from Great Spirit.

Dreamwork: I get a huge amount of wisdom + healing from my dreams. I feel like I get taught so much in my dreams. In one dream, I was even shown by my ancestors how to do a hands-on healing. Amazing amazingness!

Soulmates: I don’t believe in there being a “The One” – I used to when I was young. Now I believe you get many choices, and that each one teaches you a different lesson. I believe soulmates are souls who have met before + made a contract to meet again – and that they can be your siblings, family + friends, not just lovers.

Do you do all the artwork and writing for your website and beautiful creations by hand, or do you use Photoshop or something similar? I love the 2010 workbook and am just wondering if you did it all by hand and then scanned it on your computer or made it on your computer.

I do it by hand using waterproof ink pen + watercolours on paper. Then I scan it in using an Epson 5200 printer/scanner, and adjust it in Photoshop to make it look clearer + brighter + without any yukky scan marks on it.

Can you offer some advice or techniques that will help me to figure out what I am here for… you know my “BIG” work…. life’s work.

Deep inside you, what would you love to do?

I would love if you could write more on your website about how you are so dedicated to spirituality.

I’m dedicated to my spirituality because it makes my world a thousand times more beautiful. Things make sense when I view them through my spiritual eyes. If I was just looking at stuff through my human eyes, it would be too easy to say “Shit happens” or “People suck” or any other boring, jaded judgement. When I see stuff through my spirituality instead, I see that people everywhere are just looking for love. That hope + miracles are just around the corner. That anything can happen. That this world really is exquisite in so many ways. And that I’m responsible for creating my own gorgeous life.

Life – spirituality = confusion + pain. Life + spirituality = joy + peace.

Where do you buy your gorgeous clothes?!?!? Your taste in clothing is exquisite and would love to find out where you get your stunning clothing!

Ha! I love this question… as I’m so not a girly-girl. I have some goddessy clothes + I have my “farm clothes”: a wardrobe consisting of jean cutoffs, men’s t-shirts + yoga pants. My goddessy clothes I have got from a bundle of places – mostly maxi dresses from cheapo stores, shawls from wherever I go travelling (India, Malaysia + Singapore make up my current stash) and from markets + I have a couple of dresses from Kyecrow.

I do have a question — ever consider putting your lovely art on t-shirts and stuff like on http://www.cafepress.com ? I’d LOVE to have a tshirt with your artwork on it!

Thanks darlingheart! I actually did this years ago when I was first starting out.

I’m honoured that you’d love a goddessy shirt to adorn yourself with.

I just don’t have the time to do it these days – I have to be pretty focussed where I put my energy so that I can help as many goddesses as I can, and creating stuff like the Goddess Circle + e-courses + kits seems to be the best way I can do that right now.

I was wondering if you know of any online resources and groups that focus on starting up a small, creative business – like what helped you, if anything, or would have been a help if you had known it at the time? I would love to find a small community of people who support each other in this effort, and any inexpensive resources, to keep me motivated and bounce ideas off of for a project that I’m really excited about?

I want to start a business creating spirited artworks that are personalized and have a deep soulful meaning for the end customer. What helped you in terms of establishing yourself and marketing your spirited artwork and qualities to your target market? Do you know of any online resources and support groups that could assist me?

I flipping love small business stuff!

I’m in the middle of creating a Business Goddess kit with all the business wisdom + smartnesses I know. I’ve been running my own business for erm – five? six? years now. It’s gone from being my sweet little hobby to my family’s sole income (WOOO!) How I got there? Trying a whole bundle of different income sources. Talking to my brother who is a brilliant entrepreneur. Playing with what works for me. Reading books like “One Minute Millionaire” and “Retire Young, Retire Rich” – they change my whole money mindset + get me dreaming big! And I have a group of online friends who run their own businesses and share the journey together.

I’m also going to have a Business Goddesses group as part of the Goddess Circle so that we can all share our business paths + brainstorm + connect + support each other as we start + grow our gorgeous goddess businesses.

I have been contemplating starting a women’s circle and wondered what advice you might have on getting this going? A friend had suggested it and then went on to explain the circle she led years ago and how she had everyone read Jean Shiboda Bolen’s book and how they all had to commit to meeting or else the circle would not work. Sounds great, but I fear if I am too rigid in the “rules” people might be afraid to join. Any thoughts? I have a small list of people I want to invite forming in my head …

+ also another womens circle question:

I was wondering if there is a bit more info on womens circles?
What happens at one? What do you do?

Women’s circles change the world. I totally believe that, and have experienced it for myself.
When women circle, miracles happen.
They listen unconditionally to each other.
They share in sacred space.
They become wiser, more grounded, more knowing of the love + support that surrounds them.

Women’s circles can come in many forms.

They can be free, and free-forming, and fluid, or be paid, and structured over a set time.

They can be led by one woman, or there can be rotating leadership.

There is usually a talking stick for each woman to share her truth.

You can follow books together – like The Artist’s Way or Ariadne’s Thread. It could be like a spiritual book group.

You could do yoga together. Or explore healings together. Do reiki. Do Law of Attraction practices. Meditate. Be creative.

It’s a group of women gathering to fill up their own souls again… and be with their women sisters.

I really need to write the ding dang guide for women’s circles because it’s the one thing that I keep getting asked about over + over. Plus, I believe the world could be healed by women circling. Must add that to my list of zillion + one things to do! Yippee! 😀 Good thing this goddess likes creating 😉

I utterly encourage you to think about starting your own women’s circles.

They will change your life!

Here is my question:
To my horror, a craft listing of mine was featured recently on Regretsy.com. And the 50+ comments about it were very nasty. I’m a tender-hearted creative and I love crafting, and this has really knocked my confidence. Intellectually I can see the funny aspect of this situation, and also the ‘mob mentality’ that spurned many of the comments, but my heart is still bruised.
Do you have any suggestions for healing a sore creative heart?

First, darlingheart, I’m wrapping you in angel white wings and calming essence.

You are SO loved. You are SO talented. You are SUCH a gift.

This I know to be true.

You are sharing your beauty, love + creativity with the world. That is utterly huge, my sweetest heart. That is bigger than big itself.

You are CREATING love in this world.

I really don’t pay attention to websites that are there to be the opposite of creative – a.k.a. destructive.

They aren’t creating anything new. They are just casting their own judgements on other people’s creations. Because – hey – it’s less challenging to do that than it is to actually listen to your own spirit and create your own magic in this world.

Please know that you are wonderful, powerful and magical.

That I believe in you.

That you are doing the perfect thing.

And when in doubt, remember my favouritest quote: “F*** ’em: I’m going to do it anyway!”

The bestest creators in the world get judged + critiqued to the buggery.

Ignore the critics, and continue on blazingly anyway.

P.S. For what it’s worth, I took a peek on Regretsy, and actually quite liked some of the creations on them. No regretsy!

P.P.S. Not everyone digs what I do. But guess what? I TOTALLY DO. So me thinks I’ll just keep doing it anyway! Yippeeeee! 😀

P.P.P.S. This is a tsunami of love + healing coming for your creative goddess self! Can you feel it? It’s totally there!

How did you first get in touch with your feminine essence? I ask this because I cant seem to let go of my personal blocks and fears. How did you delve into the world of being a goddess and being so spirited and glorious?

I’m always learning and finding it.

Everyone can do it, sweetpea.

Especially you.

Just imagine the possibility you are a goddess. If it seems unreasonable, think there might be a tiny 5% chance of even the possibility that it is true. The possibility that you are whole, holy, divine, wise, loved. There is a goddess inside you.

And keep practicing that, and remembering that… every moment you can… for the rest of your life.

Whenever you get lost, you will find your way again.

Whenever you forget, you will remember again.

You are doing so beautifully hon.

I want to create a wonderful studio haven for me to feel alive and spirited to work in, but I am blocked and don’t know where to start. How do I attempt this?

I’m assigning you a project:

Create a vision board of your studio!!!

Report back to me once done. Go go go GO!

I am in a bit of a pickle. I can’t really explain too much, except to say that most of my friends and family think I’m crazy and irresponsible. Even, I think I am crazy and irresponsible. I’m starting to wonder if something is deeply wrong with me. I wish so much to be just like you and full of happiness and joy… Could you please give me a word of encouragement?

You are loved.

You are safe.

You are whole.

I want you to close yourself, and see yourself in your mind’s eye.

Look into yourself, and find the tiny spark of light.

Then breathe into it. With each breath, see that spark grow bigger. And bigger. And bigger.

Until it fills every part of you up.

Breathing, breathing, breathing.

You are home.

What does the truth look like now? How does it glow?

Report back to me in comments! Go go go go!

Okay my darlinghearts… time for me to sign off…

You are so so so loved… by the stars and the oceans and the fairies and the flowers and every single living thing in between,

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