Gather round my loves! It’s story time with Leonie!

So… I’ve never taken illicit substances before, including cannabis.

I’ve always sort of felt like my brain is already a bit wonky in its own glorious way, and I don’t want to mess with the miracles of that chemistry.

But sometimes in my encroaching middle age I wonder if I should try cannabis just to know, you know?

And then yesterday.

A day like yesterday happens.

I never drink coffee usually. And I stick to a fairly strict caffeine limit of just one cup of tea per day. COULD YOU EVEN IMAGINE THIS PERSONALITY ON CAFFEINE?

But yesterday I went WILD.

I had THREE cups of tea.

And loves… it.did.not.go.well.

After I downed that third cup… I was BUZZING. My hands started shaking, my face felt like it was falling off and I couldn’t read my book anymore. I was at my beloved River Read and I told them I was going to “shop my caffeine shakes out” and I did precisely that, all while talking faster than I’ve ever talked before.

I was 10 minutes late for school pickup of course, I was too busy shaking and talking and buying fluorescent pink pens to notice the time. I didn’t stop shaking until 6 hours later. Those three cups of tea REALLY sent me over the edge.

In conclusion, I have decided it’s probably best I continue to steer clear of drugs. Including overdosing on tea. It’s best for all concerned.

Big love,

P.S. Did you know the word “marijuana” is a racist term? Just learned about that yesterday!