Consider me absolutely THRILLED to finally be able to tell you that the new Goal Getter Workbook Collection is available!

The Goal Getter Life and Business Workbooks, along with the Undated Weekly Planner and the Daily To Do List Planner are ready to be in your hands right now!

A few things have changed, so let me tell you all the juicy goss…

The biggest change is that all the workbooks are now UNDATED. There are no “2022” workbooks, instead I created an eternal version that you can use over + over again, hells yeah!

The physical copies of the workbooks are being sold through Amazon this year.

This means:

  • higher quality printing with less errors
  • faster shipping delivery
  • Amazon customer service to help with any order issues

There are digital versions available again! They’re available separately or in bundles, squeeeee!

There’s one big downside, however. Important: If you’re an Aussie & don’t want to pay the higher cost of the Life & Biz workbooks, we recommend buying digital and then printing yourselfUnfortunately we can’t control Amazon Australia’s prices – they are charging double what our RRP is currently.

Why are the workbooks UNDATED this year?

Lots of reasons my loves.

Let me share them with you now!

There’s a bunch of benefits for you:

  • It’s cheaper, less wasteful & more flexible for you.
  • If you buy the digital copies, you can use & re-use over and over again.
  • If you buy the printed books & don’t get around to filling them out, you can use them the next year.
  • You can be more flexible with your planning. Want to start planning mid-year? Go for it! Want to plan quarterly instead of yearly? Yes! Amazing!


There’s benefits to me as well.

I’ve been creating the workbooks for the last 13 years now. It feels like a lifetime & an enormous blessing, & I’m forever thankful that the idea of them landed in my pregnant lap so many moons ago.

And 13 years in, I’m also well versed in what it takes to create them as well and share them with the world. It takes about 6 months of my year to revise, edit, add new content, create new companion products, test print, fix the resultant issues over and over again… then set up the backend of shopping cart and sales page… then market over & over… and of course provide all the customer service for it. It can be a real cause for burnout for me (on the creativity and management front) and my assistant (on the customer service front).

Both my husband and my best mate know that come the months of July-October, at some point there will be a Leonie Workbook-Related Meltdown. It’s like clockwork. This isn’t ideal, and it seems to get worse as each year goes on.

Lastly, the workbooks bring in only about 5% of my annual profit in. For something that takes more energy and time than the work that brings in 95% of profits.

It feels like an emotional conflict for me to share the difficult parts of the workbooks with you. I feel enormously proud of them, and I am so protective over them. I love them dearly, and I can’t imagine doing my own year without them – just as I know many of you can’t imagine doings yours without them either.

I just knew something needed to change in order to make it fit my life again.

At one point, I did consider closing up shop on them, and not producing them again. But I honestly couldn’t bear the idea of not having my own workbooks to use… and I know many of you feel the same way. So I thought I would offer them as undated. For you to use and re-use as you wish, to your heart’s delight.

Making them undated won’t make them more profitable for me. But it is a way for me to be able to continue offering this product for you… and for me.

And it will also clear the space for me to create new things.

I know miracles come this way when I follow my instincts and honour my natural rhythm.

Over the last 13 years, over 450,000 people have used these workbooks with the most amazing results. They’re the best planning tool available to help you make your next 12 months an absolutely incredible year!

The Goal Getter workbooks use simple yet powerful techniques to help you not only dream your biggest dream and set your goals, but to actually MAKE THEM HAPPEN too.
Many miracles have been made from using these workbooks. These workbooks are something I use religiously – and I’m constantly amazed when I review each year’s at just how many of my dreams and goals came true.

I’m over the moon that I get to share these with you.

I created these workbooks for myself first and foremost… and they have created huge results for me.

The fact that they’ve gone out into the world now, and helped 450,000+ other gorgeous souls to do the same is the best side effect ever.

Are you ready to join us?

With love to you and your wildest dreams,
P.S. If you’re wanting to get an early start on your XMAS shopping the Goal Getter Workbooks make a FABULOUS gift!