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my american penpal adam is back visiting us again. the dog is overjoyed at the prospect of having another person to simultaneously annoy/amuse/leap all over.
we are lounging in our re~creation room. soft music, golden liquid, books, talking. we decide to learn all about norfolk island and pitcairn island on wikipedia.
later, we will eat pizza and camp out in the tv space to watch what the bleep do we know.
we will sail. we will paint. occasionally we will debate the finer points of when a skeptic meets a hippy.

it’s funny you know – having known adam for ten years, he is the second longest standing friend i have. and yet our friendship has been founded on the small things: the monthly emails, his thin papered letters in blue writing accompanied with his poems and writing and the passport sized school photo of him {of which i still see when i look at him}. we used to talk about school, muse on what we would do when we were old.

and here he is. on my red couch, looking over his benjamin franklin book, my lover on the beanbag, charlie running from one to the other, and licking from adam’s empty beer bottle.

it amuses me this.
this instant adulthood, and the friends that last.